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Congressman Liz Cheney

Representing Wyoming

Congresswoman Liz Cheney's March 9th Newsletter

March 9, 2018


On the House floor this week I spoke about the importance of the Second Amendment and keeping our kids safe at school. It’s crucial that we take real action on school safety instead of letting our opponents exploit the Parkland tragedy for their political agenda. 

Watch my floor speech here: 

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Natural Resources Committee

House Natural Resources held a markup on H.R. 520, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act and H.R. 5133, The Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act Reauthorization of 2018 this week. 

I am an original cosponsor of The National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act, a bill that streamlines the current permitting process by putting a 30-month deadline on mine permitting reviews. This legislation allows the BLM or Forest Service to appoint a project lead to coordinate with other agencies to ensure there are minimal delays and that the permitting process is adhering to their timeline for completion. 

The Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act Reauthorization of 2018 reauthorizes a program that grants the BLM authority to dispose of low-priority land. This legislation is an effective way of addressing the checkerboard land ownership issue by being able to reconfigure land patterns.

I am continuing to work with Senators Enzi and Barrasso to provide relief for our ag industry and rodeo kids from the new ELD regulations. We are focused now on trying to secure language in the upcoming appropriations bill to keep the implementation delay in place while we work towards a more permanent solution. 

We are also continuing to work closely with Elaine Harvey and Keith and Ken Grant in Lovell to resolve crucial issues concerning water levels in Big Horn Lake. I’m grateful for the chance to have visited with these leaders of the effort and we will continue to make sure Wyoming receives our fair share of the water in this crucial recreation area. 

Rules Committee

This week, I managed the rule for H.R. 1917, the Blocking Regulatory Interference from Closing Kilns Act of 2017 on the House floor and H.R. 1119, the SENSE Act. The SENSE Act modifies the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards that apply to coal facilities that recycle coal to generate affordable and reliable electricity. H.R. 1917 preserves America’s brick industry and 7,000 jobs by eliminating an EPA rule that created a rushed compliance time-table for businesses. Both bills, which I voted in favor of, passed the House. 

Armed Services Committee

The House Armed Services Committee held a number of important hearings this week. On Tuesday, U.S. Africa Command Commander General Thomas D. Waldhauser testified on the National Security Challenges and U.S. Military Activities in Africa which included topics such as preventing terrorist from gaining safe havens on the African continent, confronting ongoing challenges like those in Niger and Somalia, and countering Chinese expansionism.

On Wednesday, U.S. Strategic Command Commander General John E. Hyten and Under Secretary of the Defense for Policy the Honorable John C. Rood testified before the House Armed Services Committee to evaluate the posture of the U.S. Strategic Forces. This hearing was important to evaluate the budget requests that support nuclear deterrence and missile defense which includes F.E. Warren that houses a critical leg of the nuclear triad.

On Thursday, the HASC held a round table discussion with Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Richardson to discuss the future of the US Navy and ensuring we maintain our superiority.

The committee also held an important hearing on acquisition reforms at the Department of Defense. We need to ensure that our military has the tools they need to acquire new equipment and begin new programs efficiently and responsibly. 

On Wednesday evening I participated in a dinner discussion with Whip Steve Scalise and Secretary of Defense Mattis. We exchanged views about the threats facing the United States and plans for rebuilding our military. 


This year’s first Wyoming Wednesday kicked off to a great start. I want to thank everyone who made it out this week and I’m looking forward to seeing folks from all over Wyoming in this year’s upcoming Wyoming Wednesdays.

Campbell County Commissioners stopped by my office this week to discuss several issues including the Bureau of Land Management, Thunder Basin National Grasslands, and NEPA. Thanks for an informative meeting and I look forward to continuing working with you all.

This week, I also got the chance to meet with the County Commissioners from Sublette and Park Counties. We discussed a range of crucial issues, including WSAs, Dept of Interior reorganization, and BLM viewshed guidance. 

Mark Barron, Gordon Goodman, Kristen Lingley, Ashely McNamee, and Brooke Simmons from IPAA visited the office this week to discuss efforts to codify regulatory reform in order for America to be less depending on foreign oil.

This week I met with Linda Martin, Shannon Thompson-Emesely, Wes Clarke, and Tamra Jackson from the Wyoming School Nutrition Legislative Group. We discussed the important work going on in our schools to provide meals for kids who need them.

Dr. Brett Hess, Shane Schliz, and Robert Kidd from the University of Wyoming College of Agriculture came by my office this week to meet with me. It was a pleasure speaking with them about important agriculture education programs underway at UW.

Several members from the Wyoming Community Development Authority including, Scott Hoversland, Kathy Swanson, Sarah Saulsbury, Kari Cooper, and Susan Anderson met with me this week. Thank you for stopping by, it was a pleasure getting to discuss your priorities with you. 


It was a pleasure getting to speak with Colby Minert, Clifford Sobin, and Michael Wasser from the Powell’s AIPAC. Thank you for meeting with me to discuss crucial issues such as Iran’s nuclear quest, the U.S. -Israel relationship, and aid to Israel. 

Wyoming Superintendant of Education Dr. Jillian Balow and I met again this week. We focused, in particular, on the important work Jillian has been doing in the area of school safety and discussed ways our offices can work together to make sure all of our kids are safe at school. 

I had the opportunity to meet with Ron McCue from the Rural Telecom Coalition to discuss The Rural Broadband Network Advancement Act. 

The Eastern Shoshone Housing Authority met with this week to discuss tribal housing, their concerns with the tribal consultation program, and provided me with an update of the value of the Indian community block grants. I want to thank Helen Ward, Jacob Hill, and Hope White for stopping by. 

I want to thank Dennis Humphrey and Charlene Humphrey from the Wyoming Roofing Contractors Association for meeting with me this week. We had the chance to talk about regulatory reform, workforce development, and immigration reform. 

It’s always a pleasure to sit down and talk with Dick Loper and Keith Hamilton from the Wyoming State Grazing Board and Chairman of the Wyoming State Grazing Board. Thanks for stopping by again!

Cheyenne’s Jodi Rudell from the National Hemophilia Foundation met with me this week. Thank you for discussing issues most important to the NHF including bleeding disorder programs at the CDC and HRSA.


I encourage everyone to read this K2 article about the delegation’s opinion on tariffs. 

“They have said protecting the steel and aluminum industries  may have short term benefits for them, but tariffs are taxes that in the long run will hurt consumers with higher prices and will fracture relations with other nations including allies of the United States.

Read the full article here: