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Washington, DC – Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) delivered a closing statement at the conclusion of the January 6th Select Committee’s third public hearing about the findings of their investigation.

Watch her full statement here and see a transcript of her remarks below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY“Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. Thank you to my colleague, Representative Aguilar. Thank you very much to our witnesses today, Mr. Jacob and Judge Luttig. Thank you for being here with us. We have seen so far in our hearings that President Trump knew that his claims of a stolen election were false. You have seen that he knew Mike Pence could not legally refuse to count electoral votes. And you have seen what President Trump did to pressure Mike Pence into taking illegal action.

“Over the course of our next hearings, you will see information about President Trump’s efforts, John Eastman’s efforts, and the Trump legal team’s efforts to apply pressure to Republican state legislatures, state officials and others. Judge Carter has recently written [quote]: ‘Dr. Eastman’s actions in these few weeks indicate that his and President Trump’s pressure campaign to stop the electoral count did not end with Vice President Pence – it targeted every tier of federal and state elected officials.’

“We will examine all of those threats. And we will examine the Trump team’s determination to transmit materially false electoral slates for multiple states to officials of the Executive and Legislative Branches of our government. We will examine the pressures put on State Legislatures to convene to reverse lawful election results.

“An honorable man receiving the information and advice that Mr. Trump received from his campaign experts and his staff, a man who loved his country more than himself, would have conceded this election. Indeed, we know that a number of President Trump’s closest aides urged him to do so.  

“This Committee will address all of these issues in greater detail in the coming weeks. Mr. Chairman, I yield back.”

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