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As our nation faces challenges from skyrocketing inflation to higher gas prices, I remain committed to fighting for the needs and priorities of Wyoming.

Resolution Reaffirming Support For American Oil & Natural Gas Production Amid Surging Prices:

Last week, I joined 20 of my House Republican colleagues in introducing legislation to express our support for the development of American oil and natural gas, an industry that promotes national security and reduces energy costs for America and its allies around the world. The resolution also highlights how the Biden Administration—through legislative policy and executive orders—has weakened domestic energy producers and the nation’s energy industry as a whole.

Our calls for greater investments in American energy came on the same day the average price of gas in the United States jumped to a new high of $4.37 a gallon. In April, inflation shot to 8.5 percent.

Across the nation, hardworking families have been burdened by higher gas prices and energy costs. Energy producing states like Wyoming have the capabilities and resources to restore American energy independence and ease the strain on American families. It is essential that we ramp up our domestic energy production to enhance our economic and national security. I’m proud to join this resolution which calls on the Biden Administration to take these necessary steps.

The Biden Administration’s Energy Policy Continues To Be Deeply Misguided:

The Biden Administration announced last week that they would be canceling offshore oil lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. 

The Administration’s energy policy continues to be deeply misguided. Right now, with gas prices on the rise and the need to isolate Russia globally, the United States should be an arsenal of energy for the world. We need to be doing everything in our power to increase our domestic production of energy, which includes expanding leases and permits for oil and gas on federal lands in Wyoming, and not cancelling lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

Joining The Western Caucus Podcast: We Must End Our Dependence On Russian Uranium:

I recently joined Congressional Western Caucus Chairman Dan Newhouse (R-WA) and enCore Energy Corp. CEO Paul Goranson on the Western Caucus’ podcast, “A Voice for Rural America,” to discuss the importance of a domestic uranium supply and the need to bolster American production for both fuel and non-fuel uses.

With Russia being the only commercial supplier of high-assay low-enriched uranium and increased scrutiny over Russia’s involvement in the global nuclear fuel cycle, Western Caucus Members have strongly advocated for increased domestic development of uranium. In April, Chairman Newhouse and I led a letter to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm expressing concerns about her delay in implementing a national uranium reserve.

Listen to the full episode here and see excerpts of the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Well, absolutely, Dan, and thanks again for doing this and for your interest in and your commitment to the issues and your leadership for the Western Caucus for us. So, thank you very much for that. And as you pointed out, Wyoming is the source of the largest known reserves of uranium in the country. And we’re very excited to have the Terra Power plant coming in. And I think we all know how important nuclear energy is. And we all know how important having a domestic supply of uranium is, both in terms of meeting our energy needs, as well as from a national security perspective. And I think, you know, the challenge right now is, our own domestic production has been down pretty close to zero. And we have, as you pointed out, been importing uranium, particularly from Russia. And as we all watch the tragedy that’s unfolding, in the brutality of the Russian attack on Ukraine, it is just really brought home, once again, how important it is for us not to rely on Russia, in particular, as a source of uranium. How important it is for us to be able to get the kind of investment we need in our own domestic production, for us to be in a situation where we get back our enrichment capacity, again — which we also don’t have. It just really — we’re in a situation where we have this tremendous treasure and natural resource that can do so much, both in terms of nuclear energy as a source of clean energy going forward — can contribute and add to the coal and the oil and natural gas that we’re so blessed with in Wyoming. But also, fundamentally important for our national security. So, we’re going to continue, obviously, to push the Administration to stop its reliance and dependence on Russian uranium, to do everything we can to get investment going back in the United States again. And to help and make sure people understand that we’ve got the resource that we really need, we’ve just got to get the investment and the production, and then, of course, the enrichment capabilities going again.

REP. DAN NEWHOUSE:Liz, you’ve truly been a leader on this issue and probably know as much about it as anybody in Congress. Could you expand on some of the work that — the critical things that you’ve been engaged with, some of the things you’ve done, and some of those legislative initiatives that you’ve been leading?

REP. CHENEY:Sure. Well, I hesitate to take the title of an expert on a podcast with you and with Paul. I can give you a little bit of detail in terms of what we’ve been doing. I think it was in 2018, when we were able to get uranium on the critical minerals list. And that has been, obviously, very important for us. In terms of, you know, in particular, the Department of Defense, making clear that uranium is crucial, that the supply of uranium for our defense industry is a matter of national security. And unfortunately, it was removed this year, or maybe it was in ‘21. But it was removed from the list. And we’ve worked in a number of ways, both through the NDAA process — I introduced an amendment to the NDAA, which made it into the House version, which would have put uranium back on the critical minerals list. Unfortunately, it was stripped out in the Senate. And then when the House considered the America COMPETES Act, we also had en bloc a group of Republican amendments. And I know you were one of the leaders, certainly on this, Dan, in terms of trying to get uranium back on the critical minerals list that way. And because we’re in the minority, unfortunately, our Republican en bloc didn’t succeed. But it’s really — it’s something we need to continue to push. And again, I really do, I think, you know — you have this combination of the — really has hit home for people why we can’t rely on Russia. And at the same time, understanding that we have to do everything we can to be, you know, really the arsenal of energy for the world. And being in a situation where we’re not able to fully get access to our resources, fully take advantage of the real potential of nuclear power, just creates a situation that puts America at a disadvantage that is, in many ways, self-imposed. So, we have the NDAA markup coming up again. It’s early this year, it’ll be at the end of June. And certainly, it’s something we’ll take another run at. I know that you and Paul may know more, there’s a schedule of, sort of, when DOE will reconsider the critical minerals list, but we’ll do everything we can from a legislative perspective to urge them to make sure that they add uranium onto that list again.

REP. NEWHOUSE: So, Paul, you’ve talked about some of the importance of diversifying our sourcing. Liz, could you maybe help dive into that question, too, and share with our listeners why you believe that this isn’t an issue, and maybe what they need to know about this?

REP. CHENEY: Sure, absolutely. You know, I think one of the things that is important for people to focus on is that, you know, we aren’t just talking about, sort of, Russia as an alternative source. Russia has, and continues to, really weaponize their resources. And so, whether you’re talking about natural gas or whether you’re talking about uranium, we know that they will, you know, use the fact that other countries become dependent on their resources for energy supplies as blackmail for the kind of just brutal regime and brutal policies that they’re putting in place. And look, I think we have to recognize — and this is particularly an issue when you’re talking about natural gas and oil, that when we are watching the war crimes that are taking place in Ukraine, for the Europeans to continue, to the extent that some of them have, to import Russian energy, they really are helping to finance those horrific things that are happening, you know, on a daily basis now in Ukraine. So, when you look at something that’s as important as uranium, and the fact that it is necessary both for our energy supply and for our security, and for our defense enterprise, we really do need to do everything we can domestically to increase our own production. And so, some of that includes making sure that the Administration follows through on its word to establish the uranium reserve and to purchase domestic uranium into the reserve. And I know you’ve been a real leader on this, Dan, in leading the effort in Congress. I was honored to co-sign with you the letter urging the Administration to fulfill its commitment there. And this is an issue that I first became educated about because of, you know, Paul’s willingness to spend the time with a candidate for the House of Representatives many, many years ago it seems now, and walking me through how important all of these issues were. But I think that, you know, as we look forward now into the appropriations process, we want to make sure that we’re appropriating the necessary resources for that. And at a time when there certainly is an awful lot of spending going on, that I know we disagree with, I do think the federal government has got to step up and to play a role that only it can play in terms of doing something as important as making sure that they’ve got the resources to establish and to carry out their commitment with respect to our uranium reserve. And then, obviously, also getting our enrichment capabilities back up again. And that’s an issue that we deal with directly on the Armed Services Committee as well.

The Supreme Court Leaker Should Be Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law:

There is no place in our constitutional republic for violence or efforts to intimidate. Citizens have the right to have their voices heard, but it is wrong for crowds to be protesting outside Supreme Court Justices’ homes. Whomever leaked the draft opinion has done damage to the institution of the Supreme Court and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Read more about my position in this write-up by The Washington Examiner:

The DHS Disinformation Board Should Be Disbanded:

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced the establishment of a “Disinformation Governance Board” to standardize the treatment of disinformation.

The creation of this board threatens free speech, which is foundational to our constitutional republic. The board should be disbanded.

Op-Ed In The Washington Post: Our Democracy At Home Depends On Preserving Freedom In Ukraine:

I recently joined Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) in publishing a joint op-ed in The Washington Post to emphasize the importance of both parties putting political differences aside and working across the aisle to ensure victory for Ukraine and defeat for Vladimir Putin. 

The op-ed, which can be read below, explains why Ukraine’s victory is not only essential to preserving their freedom but strengthens our own democracy as well: 

The Washington Post (Reps. Cheney & Auchincloss): Our Democracy At Home Depends On Preserving Freedom In Ukraine
May 7, 2022

As a Republican congresswoman from Wyoming and a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts, we have firsthand experience with the partisan clashes in Washington. The two of us have frequently been on opposite sides this term, including on national security issues such as President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which one of us (Cheney) opposed and the other (Auchincloss) supported.

But on the issue of Ukraine, there is no daylight between us. And there should be no partisan divide among members in Congress. It must be the policy of the United States that the strategic objective in Ukraine is victory for a free and democratic Ukraine, and defeat for Vladimir Putin. The strength of our democracy here at home depends on it.

The war in Ukraine entered a pivotal new phase on April 19. Russia is now fighting for complete control of Donbas and southern Ukraine. If successful, Putin’s forces will landlock and dismember the country — and may attack the capital again. What began as a war of maneuver, in which speed and mobility were critical, is becoming a war of attrition, in which firepower and willpower are ever more important.

The United States is critical to sustaining both for our Ukrainian allies. To balance the disparity in firepower, the U.S. government must guarantee weapons, training and intelligence support that Ukrainian forces can use. And it should work closely with European allies to wield primary and secondary sanctions to blockade Russian oil exports to reduce Moscow’s ability to fund its war machine. To buttress Ukrainian willpower, the United States should rally its NATO allies to make it clear that the sovereignty of Ukraine is not negotiable, and Putin must not benefit from his aggression.

Since 1945, the United States has been the linchpin of the postwar, rules-based international order. In this order, might does not make right; under this order, freedom, prosperity and human rights have all advanced. If the United States and its allies cannot prevent and punish war crimes right on NATO’s border, then enemies further afield, big and small, will be emboldened.

The United States — and Congress — must continue to deliver a strong and unequivocal answer, because democracy everywhere is fragile. Strains of authoritarianism here at home make that painfully clear. Democracies, though, draw succor from one another. In defending Ukraine’s democracy, we stand up for our own. In combating tyranny overseas, we strengthen our freedom at home.

So, yes, the partisan temperature is high. The parties disagree on plenty.

But from deep-red Wyoming to deep-blue Massachusetts, Republicans and Democrats must demonstrate to our allies and our enemies alike that there are no half-measures on the front lines of the free world. The United States must stand with the people of Ukraine.

They are not just fighting for their own freedom. They are fighting for ours, too.

Read The Full Op-Ed Here

Discussing The Important Role Of Real Estate Appraisers:

Great to sit down with Lindsey Willis from Sheridan and Deb Clark from Casper to discuss the important role that real estate appraisers play and to hear first-hand about how to address the regulatory burden and other issues they’re facing.

Addressing Challenges Facing General Contractors In Wyoming:

Supply chain disruptions and record-high inflation has negatively impacted nearly every industry – especially for those in construction.

I spoke with Katie Legerski from Cheyenne and Jeff Eastwood from Casper with the Associated General Contractors of Wyoming about the importance of addressing these challenges.

Pushing Back Against Harmful Policies Targeting Wyoming & Our Energy Industry:

I’ll continue to work with local stakeholders to push back against harmful policies that unfairly target Wyoming and our energy industry.

This week, I met with Mike and June, the owners of Bailey Oil in Riverton, and other energy marketers about a number of flawed EPA proposals.

Ensuring Our Soda Ash Industry Remains Competitive:

Wyoming has the largest deposit of trona in the world, and I’m focused on ensuring that our soda ash industry remains competitive with low royalty rates. 

Great to hear an update on Sisecam’s expansion projects in Sweetwater County from Ertugrul Kaloglu and Mike McGrady.

Addressing Challenges Facing The Native American Community:

I sat down with Chairman Jordan Dresser and other Tribal leaders last week. 

I’m grateful for our continued partnership with the Northern Arapaho Business Council as we work together to address many challenges that are unique to the Native American community.

Hearing About The Growing Shortage Of Educators And The Needs Of Wyoming’s Schools, Students, And Teachers:

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with Grady Hutcherson and Dirk Andrews about the growing shortage of educators and the needs of Wyoming’s schools, students, and teachers.

Discussing Access To Quality Care, The Physician Shortage, And Other Healthcare Issues:

It was great to meet with Dr. Ben Widener from Sheridan Memorial Hospital and American College of Rheumatology to discuss the importance of improving access to quality care, addressing the physician shortage our country is facing, and other healthcare issues.

Celebrating National Hospital Week At Cheyenne Regional:

Last week, our office celebrated National Hospital Week at Cheyenne Regional with the unveiling of a boot painted by Chad Blakely to honor healthcare workers.

Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals across our state for your dedication to exceptional patient care.

Helping Our Neighbors Across Wyoming:

My office has been hard at work helping people from across our state cut through bureaucratic red tape and resolve their issues with federal agencies. Please see below for recent examples of how we have been able to help our neighbors in Wyoming:

Our Cheyenne office helped a Veteran from Wheatland who had challenges with getting reimbursed from the VA for travel. Our office was able to determine that he is in fact eligible to be reimbursed for health care appointments through the VHA Beneficiary Travel program and assisted in getting his last three appointments paid. 
Our Riverton office helped a business with their SBA loan where one of the loans has been funded and the other is obligated.

If you can’t get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, our office may be able to help resolve a problem or get you the information you need. Please contact my office at cheney.house.gov and a member of my team will be in touch to begin the process of addressing your case.

Please follow this newsletter for continued updates about my work in Washington on behalf of the great people of Wyoming.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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