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Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022.” I introduced the legislation with Reps. Joe Wilson (R-SC), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Tom Malinowski (D-NJ), Mike Waltz (R-FL), and Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), to temporarily waive certain requirements related to the President’s authority to lend or lease defense articles if the defense articles are intended for Ukraine’s government or the governments of other Eastern European countries affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The United States must take aggressive and decisive action to aid Ukraine in their fight against Putin’s brutal invasion. I’m proud to join Senator Cornyn and Rep. Wilson in passing this critical legislation to ensure the United States can provide equipment and armaments to the Ukrainian people without delay.

Leading Bipartisan Group Requesting US Medical Support for Ukrainians & Nearby NATO Countries:

Last week, I joined Reps. Jason Crow (D-CO), Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), and Joe Wilson (R-SC) in leading a group of bipartisan lawmakers pressing for critical medical support in Eastern Europe as Ukraine’s healthcare system nears collapse and millions continue to flee the country. In a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, we requested that the US send armored ambulances to the area, deploy military field hospitals in Poland, and scale up a regional medical center to treat fleeing and wounded Ukrainians.

“We write to you because of our grave concerns over the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and along its western border with Poland. We want to first acknowledge your leadership and coordinated efforts to provide an unprecedented amount of humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine. In light of the scope and scale of the humanitarian disaster, we recommend additional steps that could help support the struggling healthcare systems in Ukraine and Poland,” we wrote to the Administration.

“You have a unique opportunity to showcase American leadership by providing critical medical support to Ukrainians that will inspire other NATO states to follow suit,” we continued.

Roughly 119 hospitals and other medical facilities in Ukraine have been destroyed – including a maternity ward.

Before this crisis, the Polish healthcare system lacked a sufficient number of doctors and specialists for its population size and it is now additionally strained from the surge of Ukrainian refugees requiring medical care.

We recommended three steps to be taken by the Administration:

  1. That the US immediately send armored ambulances, such as the M997A2 HMMWV field litter ambulance, to Ukrainian first responders and defense forces. These wheeled ambulances can securely transport up to four people and allow for life-saving care.
  2. That the US deploy several military field hospital centers to the Polish – Ukrainian border region and authorize U.S. medical personnel to care for the sick and wounded fighters and refugees and third country nationals crossing into Poland. 
  3. That the US scale-up Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and treat the sick and wounded Ukrainians who cannot be sufficiently cared for at the forward deployed Army hospital centers.

The full letter can be read here and seen below:

Signing Amicus Brief In Support Of Landowners In WOTUS Supreme Court Case:

I signed an amicus brief last week for the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case, Sackett v. EPA.

The ‘waters of the United States’ rule is an Obama-era relic that gives the EPA control over everything from puddles to streams, and does nothing to protect American waterways. I am proud to join my colleagues in this amicus brief to define the scope of what can be considered navigable waterways and stop the Agency’s overreach. I hope that the Supreme Court will finally put an end to the regulatory burden and give our farmers and ranchers in Wyoming and around the country a much needed reprieve from the federal government’s heavy hand.

You can find the full text of the amicus brief here.

Unacceptable For The Biden Administration To Undermine American Energy Production When It Must Be Unleashed:

The Biden Administration recently announced that while they would comply with a court injunction that reversed the ban of sales of oil and gas leases on federal lands, they are decreasing the number of federal lease parcels available in Wyoming by more than 70% and increasing the royalty rate from 12.5% to 18.75%.

America needs to be an energy arsenal for the world, but the policies of the Biden Administration are undermining the domestic production of energy when it must be unleashed. After fighting to prevent any oil and gas leases on federal lands for eighteen months – a deeply misguided policy that sent gas prices soaring, eliminated a critical source of state revenue, and negatively impacted the fossil fuel industry – their latest decision attempts to deliberately restrain the production of energy in Wyoming and across the country. 

By hiking the royalty rate by 50% and deferring 70% of the lease parcels in the Wyoming sale, the Administration is demonstrating that they clearly are not serious about doing what’s necessary to increase American energy production. Rather than implement these measures that are designed to impede energy production, they should maintain the royalty rate at its original 12.5% and make available the more than 450 tracts in Wyoming that have been previously analyzed.

Refusing to take these steps will not only keep American consumers paying more at the pump, but will prevent our nation from producing enough energy for other countries to purchase. This will force them to continue to rely on Vladimir Putin for oil and gas, providing him funding to wage his genocidal campaign against the people of Ukraine. That is unacceptable.

Helping Our Neighbors Across Wyoming:

My office has been hard at work helping people from across our state cut through bureaucratic red tape and resolve their issues with federal agencies. Please see below for recent examples of how we have been able to help our neighbors in Wyoming:

Our Riverton office helped a woman in getting her tax refund. After we looked into the situation, we learned the refund check was lost in the mail. We aided her in getting the check re-issued.

Our Casper office assisted a single mother in Casper who’s taxes were under review causing her returns to be held up. Not only were we able to find the mistakes that were the cause of her review, but we were also able to provide her with the forms to correct the mistakes.

Our Gillette office was able to assist a man when he discovered his passport was expired and had travel plans the next day to attend a wedding. We were able to make a same day appointment to get him where he needed to go.

If you can’t get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, our office may be able to help resolve a problem or get you the information you need. Please contact my office at cheney.house.gov and a member of my team will be in touch to begin the process of addressing your case.

Wyoming U.S. Service Academies, ROTC and Congressional Information Event In Casper Tomorrow:

It’s an honor every year to nominate Wyoming students to our nation’s service academies. 

If you’re interested in attending the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Naval Academy, or the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, attend our event tomorrow in Casper to learn more.

2022 Winner Of The Congressional Art Competition:

The 2022 winner of the Wyoming Congressional Art Competition is the piece “Sisters” – an oil painting by Jordan Armajo from Lander Valley High School. Jordan was inspired by a photo of her mother and aunt. Great work, Jordan!

Speaking About Current Events & Upcoming Legislation With Casper College Students:

For two decades, students from Casper College have spent part of the spring semester in our nation’s capital – learning first-hand about government and civic engagement.

It was wonderful to discuss a number of current events and upcoming legislation with these students and Professor Frankland.

Hearing Ways To Improve The Lives Of Patients In Wyoming:

Access to quality health care in our rural communities is essential. I’ll continue to work with the Wyoming Hospital Association to ensure they have the resources they need.

I joined Eric Boley and WHA leaders from local hospitals to discuss ways to improve the lives of patients in Wyoming.

Spending Time With Bright Students From Wyoming:

I always enjoy spending time with bright students from Wyoming in our nation’s capital.

Students from the Close Up Washington program had many thoughtful questions and know how important it is to be engaged in our civic process and in our communities.

Supporting Wyoming Ranchers & Stakeholders:

Great to meet with Public Lands Council President Niels Hansen, a third generation rancher from Rawlins.

I’ll continue to work with Wyoming ranchers and stakeholders to support multiple use and push back on unnecessary federal regulations that hurt livestock producers.

Discussing The Importance Of Wyoming’s Coal Industry:

I appreciated the opportunity to sit down this week with Roy Moyer, Brandon Hansen, and Jeremiah Avery, Boilermakers from Rock Springs to discuss the importance of Wyoming’s coal industry and the problems this critical industry is facing.

Hearing Ways To Support Restaurants & The Growing Hospitality Industry In Wyoming:

This week, I visited with leaders from the Wyoming Hospitality and Travel Coalition and discussed ways to support restaurants and the growing hospitality industry in the state.

Celebrating Our 2022 Wyoming Teacher of the Year:

Our teachers play a pivotal role in helping Wyoming students succeed through their dedication and hard work.

I was honored to meet the 2022 Wyoming Teacher of the Year – Brittney Montgomery, a first grade teacher at Harrison Elementary School in Green River. Congratulations, Brittney!

Meeting About The Importance Of Making Tax Deductions For Main Street Businesses Permanent:

Wyoming small businesses create jobs, strengthen our economy, and are vital to our communities.

It was great to speak with Brad Jackson, the Wyoming Director of Independent Agent, and his wife Ty’Lene about the importance of making the tax deduction for Main Street businesses permanent.

Please follow this newsletter for continued updates about my work in Washington on behalf of the great people of Wyoming.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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