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Our nation is facing many challenges, from rising inflation to higher gas prices to instability around the world. Through it all, I’m continuing to stand up for the Wyoming values and principles that are important to us, and fighting for solutions that help make things better for the people of our state.

Leading Letter To Energy Dept. Calling To End Delay In Establishing A Uranium Reserve:

I led five of my House colleagues in sending a letter to Secretary Jennifer Granholm today calling on the Energy Department to end its delay in establishing a uranium reserve. The letter references how the continued delay, “is particularly disturbing as the current situation between Russia and Ukraine has brought to the forefront the vulnerability of the United States reliance on Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan for the uranium needed to power our nuclear plants,” and also notes that the establishment of a uranium reserve is, “a matter of national, energy, and economic security and continued delays are no longer an option.” 

The full letter can be read here and seen below:

Calling On President Biden To Boost Defense Budget By 5% Above Inflation:

Last week, I joined Republican members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees in sending a letter to President Biden urging him to include a 5 percent increase above inflation for the defense spending in his fiscal year 2023 budget request. 

In the letter, we encouraged the President to reject progressives’ push to cut or freeze defense spending, to target investments in programs that will “modernize the force and fill ongoing readiness gaps,” and to ensure that rate of growth outpaces current record levels of inflation.

The full letter can be read here and seen below:

Renaming Cheyenne Federal Building After Louisa Swain Puts Wyoming’s Proud History & Heritage On Display As An Example For The Entire Nation:

On Wednesday, I submitted the following statement into the Congressional Record after the House voted to pass S. 2126, a bill to designate the Federal Office Building located at 308 W. 21st Street in Cheyenne as the “Louisa Swain Federal Office Building”:

“Madam Speaker, I rise today in support of S. 2126 which will rename our federal building in Cheyenne, Wyoming to honor one of our state’s most distinguished heroines: Louisa Swain.

“On September 6, 1870, Louisa Swain became the first woman to cast a ballot in a general election in the United States. She cast her historic vote just a few blocks from the federal building that will now bear her name. Louisa’s action that day represented the very best of what Wyoming represents: independence, leadership, grit, integrity, and equality.  

“In 1869, Wyoming became the first place in America where women had the right to vote. Our state constitution included suffrage for women. When we applied for statehood in 1890, Congress responded that we would not be admitted to the union so long as we provided women with the right to vote. In response, Wyoming’s state legislators said, “If we can’t come in with our women, we aren’t coming in.”

“Wyoming became a state in 1890, the first state in the union where women could vote. 

“The track record of female leaders in Wyoming is long and extensive. It runs through who we are as a state, whether that’s Esther Hobart Morris service as the first female justice of the peace in Sweetwater County in 1870, Susan Johnson serving as a postmaster in Cheyenne in 1880, Mary Bellamy being elected to the Wyoming House of Representatives in 1911, or my own grandmother, Edna Vincent, who was the first female Deputy Sheriff in Natrona County.

“It’s appropriate that we acknowledge Wyoming’s historic leadership when it comes to advancing rights and opportunities for women. Renaming our Cheyenne federal building after Louisa Swain will serve as an important reminder and honor for all the trailblazing women who have come before us, and will put Wyoming’s proud history and heritage on display as an example for the entire nation.”

Introducing Legislation Protecting Family-Owned Farms, Ranches, Businesses:

This week, I joined more than 70 of my colleagues in introducing a bipartisan resolution recognizing the important role of the stepped-up basis in preserving family-owned farms, ranches, and small businesses. A long-standing provision in the tax code, the stepped-up basis prevents heirs from paying capital gains taxes on inherited assets such as land, equipment, or buildings.

The stepped-up basis is an important provision of our tax code that helps farmers, ranchers, and small businesses pass their assets on from generation to generation. Our agriculture industry and small businesses have suffered during this pandemic, and should not be hassled with more government overreach and higher capital gains taxes. I am proud to join my colleagues in supporting this commonsense resolution to protect family-owned farms, ranches, and small businesses in Wyoming and across the country.

The full text of the resolution can be found here.

Calling On Congress To Secure The Border; Signs Discharge Petition To Preserve Title 42:

I signed a discharge petition this week to bring H.R. 471, the Protecting Americans from Unnecessary Spread upon Entry from COVID-19 Act of 2021 (PAUSE Act), to the floor. This legislation preserves Title 42 enforcement at the southern border and will receive a floor vote if 218 members sign on to the discharge petition:

It is essential that we work to restore the rule of law and secure our southern border. The open-border policies of the Biden Administration led to record-high illegal border crossings in 2021 and we’re on pace to exceed those numbers this year. In order to limit these illegal crossings and protect the security of our nation, I’m proud to join a discharge petition on this commonsense legislation that ensures our southern border and public health remain safe by continuing enforcement of Title 42.

The text of the discharge petition can be found here and text of the bill here.

Catching Up With Members Of The Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems:

Rural communities across Wyoming are dedicated to protecting clean drinking water while pushing back on overreaching regulations from Washington.

Great to see members of the Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems this week!

Discussing Ongoing Training Efforts & The Importance Of Workforce Development Programs:

So glad I had the opportunity to visit with members of the Wyoming Psychological Association this week. We discussed ongoing training efforts and the importance of workforce development programs.

Learning About The Challenges Facing Air Traffic Controllers:

Wyoming relies on our regional airports for safe and convenient travel. 
I appreciate the work that air traffic controllers do to ensure reliable air service, and I enjoyed meeting with David Case and Michael Franks from the Casper Airport this week about the challenges they face.

Hearing How Local Food Banks Provide Hunger Relief & Serve Those In Need:

Local food banks and their volunteers have an incredible impact in communities across our state.
I enjoyed meeting with Wyoming Food Bank and Food Bank Rockies to hear an update on their partnerships and programs to provide hunger relief and serve those in need.

Visiting With The HR Director For The City Of Sheridan:

This week, I visited with Heather Doke, the HR Director for the City of Sheridan, to discuss a range of legislative proposals. I appreciate all Heather does for Sheridan and our state.

Please follow this newsletter for continued updates about my work in Washington on behalf of the great people of Wyoming.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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