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Democrats in Washington continue promoting policies that will harm Wyoming workers and families for years to come. As your Representative, I will continue to push back against these dangerous policies and will fight for our shared beliefs. 

Introducing The PILLR Act To Replenish State Revenues Negatively Affected By President Biden’s Harmful Energy Mandates:

As first reported by The Casper Star-Tribune, I introduced legislation last week that would provide compensation to states for lost revenue as a result of a federal oil and gas leasing moratorium or pause that was instituted earlier this year following an executive order signed by President Biden. The full text of the legislation, which is named the PILLR Act (Payment In Lieu Of Lost Revenues) can be read here.

The executive orders signed by President Biden on his first day in office targeting the energy industry were misguided. Not only did these unfair mandates negatively impact the work of energy producers in Wyoming, but they cost our state a key source of revenue that we depend on to educate our kids, support our first responders, and provide for other critical needs. While the best course of action would be to allow new energy leases and permits to move forward unimpeded, the bill I’ve introduced will ensure that citizens in Wyoming and other states that rely on money generated by the energy industry are compensated the full amount of the revenue lost so they can continue to meet the needs of their citizens, despite the Biden Administration’s thoughtless and political agenda.

The NDAA Fulfills Our Obligation To Provide For The Security Of The Nations:

On Tuesday evening, the House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022. Passage of this bill came after the House and Senate reached a bipartisan and bicameral agreement after months of negotiations.

Congress has no more important duty than providing for the security of our nation and I’m pleased we have worked in a broad bipartisan fashion to advance legislation that will fulfill this obligation.

This NDAA delivers resources needed to defend against our adversaries. In addition, the legislation gives our troops the pay raise they deserve and ensures that we continue to fund the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent which will be deployed in Wyoming at F.E. Warren. 

I look forward to the Senate passing this legislation so we can meet the responsibility we have to support our military and bolster our national security efforts.

Biden’s Progressive Agenda Is Driving Inflation & Harming Wyoming Families:

The radical policies of the Biden Administration continue to drive inflation and harm our economy. In every aspect of life, from the grocery store to the gas pump, Wyoming families are left footing the bill. I will continue to oppose the reckless and dangerous spending being proposed in order to pay for Democrats’ progressive policies.

Underscoring The Importance Of Input From Local Stakeholders On Land Conservation Decisions:

In Wyoming, we know just how crucial it is to have input from local stakeholders when making land conservation decisions.

Great to join the 76th Annual Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts meeting to underscore the importance of reforming NEPA and stopping the Biden Administration’s disastrous 30×30 initiative:

Hearing About The Important Role Religious Organizations Play In Supporting & Improving Communities:

I enjoyed meeting with Wyoming Members of the Friends Committee on National Legislation to talk about the many issues affecting workers, families and children and the important role religious organizations play in supporting and improving our communities:

Supporting Our Airmen & Women At F.E. Warren:

The Air Force Association’s Cowboy Chapter has a proud history of supporting our airmen and women and their families in Wyoming.

Our office joined AFA’s long-standing tradition to help provide cookies to our heroes at F.E. Warren this holiday season:

Congratulations To The Wyoming State Geological Survey:

The Wyoming State Geological Survey has received the Charles J. Mankin Memorial Award from the Association of American State Geologists for their publication on the geologic, mineral, and energy resources throughout Wyoming’s history. 

Congratulations to their team on this achievement! 

You can learn more about their award here

Please follow this newsletter for continued updates about my work in Washington on behalf of the great people of Wyoming.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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