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Democrats in Washington continue to push dangerous policies that would cede power to unelected bureaucrats in Washington who do not have Wyoming’s best interests in mind. As your Representative, I will continue to oppose any efforts to expand the power of the federal government and will always fight for our shared values.

Underscoring The Importance Of Uranium To Our National Security & Energy Independence:

Uranium is an essential resource for Wyoming, and we must continue to champion it. 

I’m proud my amendment that will make it more difficult for the Biden Administration to remove uranium from the critical minerals list was included in the NDAA passed by the House.

I recently had a great discussion with the Uranium Producers of America (UPA) and Wyoming producers about the importance of protecting our national security and energy independence by establishing a national uranium reserve and by ensuring that uranium remains on the critical minerals list.

Fighting For Wyoming’s Agriculture Industry:

In Washington, I’m fighting for our state’s agriculture industry with new legislation that would allow for state-inspected meat across state lines and more.

Thanks to Rocky Mountain Farmers Union for an update and for your work on behalf of family farmers and ranchers in Wyoming.

Emphasizing The Importance Of Natural Gas To Our Energy Infrastructure:

I enjoyed sitting down with WBI Energy and the MDU Resources Group to talk about the importance of natural gas to our energy infrastructure and the need for proper oversight of the FERC to prevent unnecessary and costly delays.

Ensuring Wyoming Students Have The Skills Needed To Succeed:

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with SkillsUSA student leaders from Buffalo High School, Central High School, East High School, and Guernsey Sunrise High School and talk about the importance of career and technical education and empowering students with the skills to succeed.

Advocating To Meet The Needs Of Wyoming Students:

I’m a proud member of the Impact Aid Coalition in Congress and will continue to support Impact Aid’s mission to help meet the needs of Wyoming students.

I had a great discussion with Chairman Hudson and other Wyoming State Impact Aid Members about this important program.

Discussing Issues Important To The Wyoming Department Of Transportation:

I appreciate the work that the Wyoming Department of Transportation does year round to keep travelers across our state safe.

I enjoyed speaking with WYDOT Director Luke Reiner and Management Services Manager John Davis about expediting the use of highway rights of way and more.

Hearing About Conservation Projects & Opportunities For Outdoorsmen In Wyoming:

Ducks Unlimited’s partnerships with private landowners on wetlands conservation projects provide benefits to wildlife and their habitats while also providing opportunities for outdoorsmen.

So glad I had the opportunity to meet with Marty Carollo and Ducks Unlimited to discuss their work in Wyoming.

Joining KODI’s Darian Dudrick Memorial Show To Discuss The Legacy & Model He Leaves Behind For All Of Us To Look Up To As We Engage In Civic Life:

On Thursday, I called in and joined Andrew Rossi on KODI Radio for the “Darian Dudrick Memorial Show,” a special episode to honor the life and legacy of “The Voice of Cody,” Darian Dudrick, who passed away last week. 

You can listen to the full interview here and see the transcript below:

ANDREW ROSSI: Joining us now, our first call of the day for the Darian Dudrick Memorial Show from Washington D.C., the sole Congressperson in the U.S. Congress for the state of Wyoming, Representative Liz Cheney. Congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us this morning. Sorry — having some technical difficulties. Give us a second, Congresswoman. Alright, can you hear us now?
REP. LIZ CHENEY: I can. Can you hear me?
ROSSI: Yes, just fine, thank you. 
REP. CHENEY: Great. 
ROSSI: I’ve never hosted a memorial show before, so I’m still grappling with the technical intricacies.
REP. CHENEY: Well, it’s such a tragic and sad thing, and, you know, I’m just honored to be able to be with you all this morning and talk about Darien and all he meant — just all the different discussions and conversations that we had over the years. He was such a great interviewer, because he always — he was obviously so up to speed on everything that was happening. He was fair. He asked, you know, great questions, and he listened, and he always gave us a chance to, you know, lay out our case, and, you know, you knew it was gonna be a tough interview. He was gonna ask the hard questions too, but again, always listened. Just such a tremendous loss, and we’ve been praying for him and the family, and such a loss for Cody, certainly.
ROSSI: Well, we’re honored that you were able to take the time to spend with us. We’re a community in grief at this point, but I was just saying, just a couple minutes ago, the fact that Darian was such an excellent listener — I mean I’ve seen a number of your interviews, especially recently, Congresswoman, it seems like a lot of media has a particular agenda, they’re trying to lead you to a specific place where they want you to say one thing or another, and that was never Darian. Like regardless of what his opinions were, he was always one to sit down and listen and treat people as people before anything else.
REP. CHENEY: Yeah, and, you know, it’s such a testament to him and his professionalism that I’m not even sure I know what Darian’s views were on a lot of these issues. Sometimes off the air, you know, you can sort of have an off the record discussion and kind of say, “Okay, you know, here’s what’s really going on, here’s what’s happening,” but, you know, he just was completely fair to all. And it is, you know, your point about, you do interviews where people have agendas — and, look, I think his only agenda was getting information to his listeners, and making sure that, you know, those of us who are in public life, but, you know, also maybe folks just in the community who aren’t in, you know, elected positions — just anybody who went on his show, knew he was going to give him a forum, and he was going to, you know, let them speak and let them get their message out. And, of course, being able to have calls from the community while you were there in the studio. Just really was great for us, you know, for the guests, because it was just one one more way to hear from people, one more way to hear the questions people have and to get advice. It takes a lot of skill to provide that kind of forum and Darian always made it look easy and he always made it look fun. That’s the real — that tells you how skilled he was at what he did.
ROSSI: Well, I imagine in your position, Congresswoman, when, you know, there is so much information, especially on social media, about what’s happening in the world and so many different perspectives, it must have been valuable for you to be able to come up to Cody and spend that much time with Darian, just telling people the facts and the truth as they were without worrying about having to get into the knit and grit or having your conversation steered in another direction.
REP. CHENEY: Yeah, exactly, and also the fact that we had time, you know, it wasn’t just a sort of a three minute or seven minute, you know, but you could be on for an hour, and the time on the air with Darian always went so fast. You’d sit down and then all of a sudden you think, “My gosh it’s over already,” because his questions were so interesting and insightful, and he always covered, you know, the whole landscape, whatever was happening. Whatever the issues of the day were, you know, he covered them. And just such a huge loss for all of us who care about Wyoming, who care about Cody, and who care about the country, because it’s just too rare to have somebody who provides that kind of a forum and who is as skilled at what he did as Darian was.
ROSSI: Absolutely, and I know one of the things that Darian truly enjoyed was the time off the microphone when there wasn’t an interview, and the thing that strikes me about that is he was the same person on air as he was off air. And I know for a fact he enjoyed the moments he got the chat with you when it wasn’t live and fielding questions from the community — just because he could relate to you one-on-one as the person you are.
REP. CHENEY: Yeah absolutely, and it was always, you know, just– He always had a smile, and he always would say, “Okay so now, you know, here’s what it looks like is happening, is that what’s really happening?” You could say, “Well sort of.” But just always, always such a real pleasure and, you know, such a — just an unusual opportunity to know you’re dealing with somebody who wasn’t going to play “gotcha,” who was going to ask all the questions that needed to be asked, get the information out for his listeners, and ask the questions in a way that was really probing and got to the heart of the matter. So, he’ll just be so missed as a person — I know as a father, and, you know, as somebody who just contributed so much to the community and to our state.
ROSSI: Well I know you’re extremely busy, Congresswoman. I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I do have one more question before we let you go. Is there any message you would like to communicate to the Dudrick family, in particular, at this time?
REP. CHENEY: Well, just to know how much Darian was loved to know, you know, what they — and they all know and love that they have for him as a member of the family, but how much he was loved by the community and how much he was valued, and just what a what a tremendous contribution he made. When you live in a system like ours where, you know, people have the opportunity to engage on all of these issues, that kind of a system can’t function without people of the kind of skill and commitment and dedication to the truth and to honest reporting, and to be as unbiased as Darian had. And so, he will just be tremendously missed, but, you know he leaves a legacy and he leaves a model, an example, for all of us to look up to as we, you know, engage in our civic lives.
ROSSI: Congresswoman Cheney, thank you so much for this, for your time this morning. I know it means a lot to the family, means a lot to us, Darian’s coworkers at the Big Horn Radio Network, and I know for a fact it would have been a tremendous honor and meant the world to Darian himself. So, thank you so much for being with us.
REP. CHENEY: Well, it’s my honor, and all the best to you guys and to the family. He’ll be remembered very, very much.
ROSSI: Thank you for your extremely kind words. Have an excellent day.
REP. CHENEY: Thank you. You too.

Highlighting The Consequences Of Withdrawing Forces From Afghanistan:

During Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing on “Ending the U.S. Military Mission in Afghanistan,” I questioned Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley about the consequences of withdrawing forces from Afghanistan.

You can watch my line of questioning here and see an excerpt of the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY: With respect to Afghanistan, the only question for us with respect to the deployment of forces in Afghanistan or anywhere else is: what does U.S. security require? In the circumstances we found ourselves in Afghanistan, the deployment of our forces was allowing us to conduct counterterrorism operations, counterintelligence operations, enabling us to prevent terrorists from establishing safe havens. General Milley, terrorists now have an entire country of Afghanistan. Could you tell the committee whether or not you think the current situation in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of forces, which began with the Doha Agreement and the orders that you have described in the Trump Administration, which was carried out in the Biden Administration, can you tell the committee whether or not you think we are now more safe or less safe — whether Afghanistan presents more of a threat or less of a threat to our homeland than when we were able to conduct counterterrorism, counterintelligence operations there? 

CHAIRMAN MARK MILLEY: I think right now, right this minute, we are more safe because of the efforts over the last 20 years. However, I do think that conditions are more likely than not to develop over the course of time that will allow for the reconstitution of al Qaeda and/or ISIS. And that time varies depending on which analyst you’re listening to but sometime between, say, six to twelve and maybe 36 months. 

REP. CHENEY: And when you look at the situation that we face today, in terms of what is going to be necessary — the loss of life, the loss of treasure has been tragic, has been devastating. But when you look at where we are likely to find ourselves, do you think that our ability to defend ourselves will now be more expensive, will cost us more in terms of lives and treasure going forward, or do you believe that the withdrawal will present a situation where we have to devote less resources to the War on Terror? 

CHAIRMAN MILLEY: I think the ends are going to remain the same to protect the American people, but the ways and means are going to change. And I think it is going to become much more difficult now in order to conduct counterterrorism operations against a reconstituted al Qaeda or ISIS in Afghanistan. Not impossible. We have the capability, the means to do that, but it will be more difficult. 

REP. CHENEY: Secretary Austin, are members of the Haqqani Network still a potential target of the United States military? 

SECRETARY LLOYD AUSTIN:We do recognize that members of the Haqqani Network are recognized terrorists, yes. 

REP. CHENEY: So, they are a potential target for the United States military?

SECRETARY AUSTIN: Potentially, yes.

REP. CHENEY: So, Secretary Austin, the Biden Administration has been saying that the Doha Agreement is still in effect and that they will hold the Taliban to their, “counterterrorism,” commitments in the Doha Agreement, but the Taliban is using this agreement to protect terrorists. The Taliban is intertwined with the Haqqani Network, and al Qaeda has, in fact, sworn bay’ahto the Taliban. So, can you explain exactly how that agreement, that’s enabling terrorists, is going to be useful as some kind of a tool to hold the Taliban to any kind of a commitment?

SECRETARY AUSTIN:I think we should do everything within our power to keep pressure on the Taliban to do what they said that they were going to do, and we heard what they said. We will watch their actions. But I think we should continue to apply pressure wherever possible to cause them to keep al Qaeda activity in check. And again, you’ve heard us say a couple of times today that we recognize that this is the Taliban, and trust is not an issue here, necessarily. We hear what they’re saying. We’re watching what they do.

REP. CHENEY: Thank you, Mr. Secretary, my time has expired.

Calling On Kerry, Raimondo To Receive A CCP Threat Briefing Immediately:

On Tuesday, I joined China Task Force Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) and 14 other members of the China Task Force in issuing a statement responding to recent comments by top Biden Administration officials, including Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry.

Raimondo recently told The Wall Street Journal, “Robust commercial engagement will help mitigate potential tensions…and prevent unintended conflict.” Kerry recently dismissed the genocide currently being perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party, saying, “life is always full of tough choices…but first and foremost, this planet must be protected.”

You can read our statement here: 

“We are gravely concerned by both the tone and language being used by high-ranking Biden Administration officials, including Secretary Raimondo and Special Envoy Kerry. Neither of them appear to grasp the true threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party even though FBI Director Wray just last week said, ‘The greatest long-term threat to our nation’s information and intellectual property, and to our economic vitality, is the counterintelligence and economic espionage threat from China. It’s a threat to our economic security— and by extension, to our national security.’ We are calling on these officials to immediately receive a threat briefing and review the broken promises, theft of intellectual property, rampant economic espionage, and blatant coercion of American citizens that has resulted over decades of assuming commercial engagement would prevent tensions. President Biden must provide Congress with a comprehensive strategy, and disavow corporate backchannel negotiations, in addressing the CCP for what it is rather than what we hope it will be.”

Please follow this newsletter for continued updates about my work in Washington on behalf of the great people of Wyoming.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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