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As we combat the dangerous policies being proposed by the Biden Administration, we must ensure we are re-dedicating ourselves to being a party based on truth and fidelity to the Constitution.

Our Energy Industry & Economy Will Benefit From A Nuclear Power Plant In Wyoming:

On Wednesday, Governor Mark Gordon announced that TerraPower will construct and operate a nuclear power plant in Wyoming.

This is important and exciting news for Wyoming. We are the best-equipped state in the nation to produce affordable and reliable energy, and that will be enhanced with the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant. On top of strengthening our state’s energy industry, this plant will bolster our economy by creating new construction and energy production jobs.

Nuclear power is a key element in the all-of-the-above energy approach that our state and country must follow. That approach also needs to include the continued utilization of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, which are national treasures in Wyoming and are dependable energy resources.

I want to thank the private sector partners from TerraPower and Rocky Mountain Power for recognizing the substantial benefits that operating a nuclear power plant in Wyoming will bring. As this project moves forward, I will continue to work in Washington to fight for our energy industry and the livelihoods that it supports across our state. 

Traveling Across Wyoming:

I have been traveling across the state to talk about the future of the Republican Party and the work I am doing in Washington on the state’s behalf.

See below for excerpts from Wyoming News Now, KODI’s “Speak Your Piece”, KUGR with Al Harris, KIML with Vic Wright, The Casper Star-Tribune, the Cody Enterprise, the Riverton Ranger, and County 17. Additionally, please see pictures from my visits with constituents across the state:

Rep. Liz Cheney Sits Down With Wyoming News Now | May 25, 2021

DAVID GRAF: You mention the people of Wyoming, what are some of the things that you are working on in Washington, specifically, that the people of Wyoming should know about?
REP. LIZ CHENEY: Well, a whole range of issues. We talked about energy, what’s happening in the energy industry. I really enjoyed yesterday getting to spend some time at Jonah Field looking at the new technology that they’re using to help detect emissions. Helping to show the rest of the country what we know here in Wyoming about what’s possible, about how clean our fossil fuels are, about the extent to which we really rely on them and need them. They’re a reliable, affordable source of energy. When it comes to ag, doing everything we can to help, for example, with the whole process of meatpacking — helping to make sure that I’ve got legislation that would allow people to sell meat across state lines if it was inspected in a state slaughterhouse that was USDA approved. Waters of the U.S. regulations — really across the board looking for ways that we can help to roll back the federal government and its influence here. Standing up for our veterans and their Second Amendment rights. I’ve got legislation that I introduced with the Republican Leader of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee that focuses on that. So, a whole range of issues that really are about everything we can do to fight for Wyoming and to make sure that our rights and freedoms are protected.
GRAF: Well, I really appreciate you answering all of my questions here. Thank you for stopping in, and thank you for your time.
REP. CHENEY: Great to be with you. Thanks so much for having me.

Rep. Liz Cheney Joins KODI’s Speak Your Piece With Darian Dudrick | May 27, 2021

DARIAN DUDRICK: Okay. Now, more than 74 million Americans voted for President Trump in the last election, and Wyoming, as you know, supported Trump more than any other state. Are people who support former President Trump naive or how would you — I mean, because there’s a lot of people that support him —
REP. LIZ CHENEY: Look, as I said, I’m one of the people who supported him. And I think that what we have to focus on are a couple of things — Number one, the most important thing for Wyoming is to get Republicans back in charge in the House and the Senate and the White House. And even though President Trump got 74 million votes, Joe Biden got 81 million, and we lost those two Senate seats in Georgia. We have to find ways to get back the voters who left us, and that’s going to be the key for us being able to get back our majorities. And those majorities really matter so that we can get the policies in place that, you know, are going to roll back regulation and cut taxes, help to defend our ag industry, our energy industry. So, I think those policies matter. And I think that we need to be able — and we have a lot of great candidates at a national level, people who will defend and stand up for those conservative policies. But what Donald Trump has done is crossed the line that can never be crossed. And so, as Republicans, in my view, we have to be willing to stand against that and against the lie but support policies and people who will perpetuate those policies.

DUDRICK: Now, as popular as former President Trump is in the Republican Party — now your comments and actions have put you on the so-called enemies side, as you as you probably know, according to many people. Fair or not, that’s how divided our nation is when it comes to Republicans and Democrats. So, how do you gain back the support of Wyomingites? That’s probably your challenge at this point, right? I’m assuming.
REP. CHENEY: Look, I really believe deeply, believe in my core, that at the end of the day, the truth has to matter. And that when you vote for somebody, when you elect somebody to represent you, you have to know that person is going to stand up and do what’s right and tell the truth. There are plenty of politicians, certainly plenty of politicians in Washington, who will, you know, put their finger in the wind and be guided by politics in terms of, you know, deciding what’s right. When you have something as serious as this, and, you know, this really is about the peaceful transfer of power at the core of what we’re talking about. And the peaceful transfer of power is one of the most fundamental aspects of who we are as Americans. That we know that every four years you’re going to have a hard fought campaign, or every eight years, and the people who lose are going to concede, and we’re gonna move on, and we’re gonna fight our battles out in the political process, but we aren’t going to allow violence to determine who’s in charge. Because once you go down that path, I don’t think you can come back. And I think that is, fundamentally, you know, my view is that the people of Wyoming are going to have an opportunity, as they do every two years, to decide whether or not they want me to continue to represent them. And I am always going to be honest, and I’m always going to abide by my oath. And I am always going to stand up for the peaceful transition of power. That’s fundamentally important.

Rep. Liz Cheney Joins Al Harris On KUGR | May 19, 2021

AL HARRIS: The Republican Leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy, has recently said on one hand, he doesn’t think there’s anybody in the land that doubts the validity of the election, which seems to be different than what he used to say, and he’s now come out against the proposed commission to look into the events of January 6th, your reaction?
REP. LIZ CHENEY: Well, I think, you know, clearly, we see on a daily basis, former President Trump continues to challenge the validity of the election. With respect to the commission, we’re going to be voting on that later today. I believe it is very important. I think if you go back to, you know, after the Pearl Harbor attack, after the Kennedy assassination, after 9/11, our nation always formed bipartisan commissions that can look at what happened in a way that is above politics. I mean, maybe it should even be called the nonpartisan commission because politics should have nothing to do with the nation trying to get to the bottom of crises and making sure it doesn’t happen again. I think that’s very important. I think Leader McCarthy has clearly got a conflict when it comes to this commission. You know, he has said publicly that he was on the phone with President Trump while the attack was happening, and I think that, you know, he has information that the commission is going to be very interested in receiving. I think that when he continues to say he opposes the commission, people are asking, including people inside Republican Conference, “why? Why is he opposing this?” I think part of it is President Trump doesn’t want the commission for this same reason. I think that we have an obligation to support this commission. It will pass — there’ll be sufficient Democratic votes for it to pass, and I think it’s very important for the Republicans, for us to support this, too. The Democrats essentially agreed to all of the requests that the Republicans made in negotiating this bill. So, it’s a bipartisan bill, it’s a good bill. I hope it’ll pass the House with a good bipartisan majority, and I hope it will also pass the Senate.

Rep. Liz Cheney Joins Vic Wright On KIML | May 14, 2021

VIC WRIGHT: Alright, a listener — I have asked listeners to send in emails for questions they would like to know. One says, “What made you decide that your personal feelings were more important than the majority of the people in Wyoming that elected you, and how can you justify what is happening now as compared to how well things were going under President Trump? Wyoming really wants to know just why you betrayed us.” A quote, question from a listener, and I think from the feedback I’m getting from my listeners on this station, and maybe across the whole state, that’s a common feeling and theme there. What do you have to respond in preparation for a reelection bid for you in 2022?
REP. LIZ CHENEY: Yeah, listen, I really appreciate it when people ask that question because I think that is the heart of the issues that we’re dealing with, and what I would say is that this is about my oath to the Constitution, and that’s an oath that all of us take — it’s an oath we swear before God, and it is an oath that it doesn’t bend to partisanship or to party politics. As I said, this is not about policy. The policies of the Trump Administration were much better for Wyoming than President Biden’s policies are. President Biden’s policies are dangerous, and we’ve got to stop them, but we don’t live in a country where you say we are going to ignore the results of an election, we’re going to provoke an attack on the Capitol, in order to keep in power a person because we like their policy. That’s not America. I’ve spent a lot of time in my career working in countries around the world where violence determines who leads, and that can never be America. We have to obey our oath to the Constitution, especially when it goes against our own political beliefs, our own party. I would ask listeners if a Democratic President Barack Obama had been responsible for the things Donald Trump was responsible for since the election, not conceding, provoking an attack on the Capitol, continuing to say the election was stolen and the system is rigged. If Barack Obama were doing this, people need to say, how would we respond to that? Our duty to the Constitution is one that’s got to be above politics. I know the people of Wyoming, we supported President Trump with a larger margin than any other state in the country because of his policies. In my view, January 6th changed everything. It’s a line that can never be crossed. That’s, I believe, my obligation, and I think the voters of Wyoming know how important it is to be faithful to the Constitution, so we have the Constitution to protect us against the kind of massive overreach that we too often see from the Democrats.

Rep. Liz Cheney To The Casper Star-Tribune | May 26, 2021

“‘I had to make a decision about whether or not it was more important to be a member of the House leadership or more important to fight for Wyoming’s values and principles and for the restoration of the party,’ she said.”

“‘One of the most troubling moments of that period of the day was when one of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle was sitting across from me and he looked at his phone and he said, ‘Liz, there’s a Confederate flag flying in the rotunda,’’ she said. ‘And that moment was really — you realize that never happened during the Civil War.’”

Rep. Liz Cheney To The Cody Enterprise | May 28, 2021

“‘I owe my constituents the truth,’ she said. ‘People in Wyoming expect you’re going to look them in the eye and tell them the truth. And we’re in a place we’re in as a country that we really haven’t been before, certainly not in recent memory. We have policies, really good policies, but there were fundamental violations of the Constitution that you can’t overlook. It really does test the system.’”

“‘We should be looking at what we can do to win an election while rebuilding the party,’ she said. ‘It’s recognizing the good policies of President Trump, but making sure we hold people accountable for their actions.’”

Rep. Liz Cheney in the Riverton Ranger | May 30, 2021

“‘It became clear a couple of weeks ago that the price of staying in leadership was being willing to perpetuate the lie about the election, and that if I wanted to be in leadership for Republicans in the House, then I was going to have to be silent about what Donald Trump is doing.

‘I would have to go along with the idea that he should continue to be the leader of our party. And I’m not willing to do that.'”

Rep. Liz Cheney To County 17 | May 27, 2021

“Despite Wyoming’s reliance upon coal for revenue and jobs, to date only Representative Liz Cheney (WY) has spoken out against the G7 decision. In a tweet earlier today, Cheney said, ‘Refusing to fund coal projects will have devastating effects for Wyoming,’ and mentioned technology as a solution.”

Breaking Ground With Star Valley Health

For the last 20 years, Star Valley Health has put patients first and has delivered exceptional care to the Alpine community.
It was an honor to be a part of the groundbreaking ceremony as Star Valley expands and offers new services to better meet patients’ needs.

Fighting For The Wyoming Oil & Gas Industry

Thanks to Paul Ulrich for the tour of Jonah Energy in Pinedale last week.

I’ll always fight for Wyoming’s oil and gas industry — especially now as they’re under attack from the far-left and the Biden Administration’s heartless energy policies in Washington.

Briefing On How Rock Springs Airport Will Serve The People Of Wyoming

Great to be at Rock Springs Airport with Director Devon Brubaker for a tour and an update on their new and ongoing construction projects to better serve the people of Wyoming.

Pushing Back Against The Dangerous Democrat Policies

It’s wonderful to be back with the Casper Area Chamber for a discussion about the work we’re doing to push back against reckless Democrat policies and regulations.

I’m always thankful for all the work they do to better our communities and help Wyoming small businesses.

Hearing About Arapaho Priorities And Other Important Tribal Issues

Last week, I sat down with the Northern Arapaho Business Council, Tribal Program Directors, and other leaders to discuss Arapaho priorities and other important tribal issues.

Meeting With Wyoming’s Future Leaders

It was an honor to chat with Pinedale High School seniors in Ms. Robertson’s U.S. government class.

Wyoming’s future is in good hands with bright minds like these. Best of luck and congratulations to these soon-to-be graduates!

Please follow this newsletter for continued updates about my work in Washington on behalf of the great people of Wyoming.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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