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This week, we marked the first 100 days since President Joe Biden took office. While the President ran as a moderate and promised to unite the country, his first 100 days have been filled with broken promises, failed solutions, and empty rhetoric. By caving to the far-left’s dangerous policies, the Biden Administration continues to deliver bad results for Wyoming and the American people. I will continue to fight back against any effort by Democrats in Washington to attack our shared values and cherished freedoms.

The Policies President Biden Outlined Are Bad For Wyoming And Bad For America:

On Wednesday evening, I attended President Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress. The policies President Biden has advanced in his first 100 days and outlined in his address are bad for Wyoming and bad for America.

The proposals he talked about would result in growing the size and scope of the federal government while requiring hardworking taxpayers in our state and across the country to send more of their income to Washington, D.C. The policies he endorsed were not standard liberal ideas, but reflected the fact that the far-left is now in control of the Democrat Party and they are committed to forcing through their plans to empower the federal government at the expense of the American people. 

He did not provide any specifics that would solve the border crisis that he created, doubled-down on the weak national security policies that will embolden our adversaries and make our country less safe, and vowed to continue his Administration’s heartless energy policies that will destroy jobs and livelihoods for families in Wyoming and across America. 

During the campaign and in his inaugural address, President Biden talked about unity and bipartisanship. It’s disappointing that in his first 100 days and again in his speech on Wednesday, he has turned his back on that laudable goal to pursue an agenda that runs counter our shared conservative principles in Wyoming. I will fight back against these dangerous plans and always stand up for the interests of our state and for the constitutional values that we hold dear.

Ahead of President Biden’s address, I had the pleasure of speaking with members of the Wyoming media to discuss the first 100 days of the Biden Administration:

  • Wyoming Tribune Eagle: “Cheney critical of Biden administration 100 days in, confident of 2022 reelection chances”
  • Gillette News Record: “Cheney says to expect more of the same 100 days into Biden administration”
  • Cowboy State Daily: “Cheney On Biden’s First 100 Days: “An Unfortunate Time For Wyoming””

Biden’s First 100 Days – Radical, Weak, & Unsustainable:

Earlier this week, I joined my House Republican colleagues in Orlando for our annual retreat. At a press conference on Monday, I explained how President Biden has completely abandoned his promise to unify and instead has pursued dangerous and divisive policies to appease the far-left.

You can see below for some highlights from the press conference and their corresponding transcripts:

President Biden Has Failed To Recognize The Importance Of Demonstrating Strength To Our Adversaries

REP. LIZ CHENEY: We’re meeting here at almost exactly the 100-day mark of the Biden presidency. What we have seen so far in the Biden presidency is even further left policies than we could have anticipated and certainly, than he campaigned on. When you go down the list of what we’ve watched happen, particularly, as Mark mentioned, in the national security arena. We know that our adversaries are testing us, we know that they will test us – they test every new president. They want to see what the responses are going to be. So far, the responses that we’ve seen, whether you’re talking about the Biden Administration response on Russia, the Biden Administration policy towards Iran, their lack of a real policy at this point towards China. The world is testing us, and the president and the Administration have demonstrated an inability to really understand and recognize how important it is to demonstrate strength, how important it is to make sure we can, in fact, deter our adversaries, that we can, in fact, make sure our allies can count on us.

President Biden’s Current Path Is Unsustainable; We Have To Secure The Border

REP. CHENEY: I think we need to look at every possible tool and mechanism we have to secure the border. That includes the wall, it includes technology, it includes being able to move again towards the agreements where people who are seeking asylum stay in Mexico, but this whole set of issues is one that I think is going to be very much part of 2022 and 2024, because we have to secure the border, we cannot continue down this path that Joe Biden has set us on. It’s simply unsustainable.

What We’re Seeing From China Is A Very Real, All-Encompassing Threat:

I recently sat down with Punchbowl News to record an episode of their “Daily Punch” podcast where we discussed the Biden Administration’s foreign policy and the current national security climate.

You can listen to the full interview here and see an excerpt of the transcript below:

JAKE SHERMAN: I get the sense that people don’t fully understand the threat, maybe COVID has brought it to the to the surface, but I mean, I get the sense that people aren’t fully aware of how bad of an actor China is on the global stage I mean could you put that in context for for people how to I mean, what are we dealing with here?

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Look, the fundamental question is ‘Do you want to live in a world, and do you want your kids to grow up in a world, where the United States sets the rules of the road basically with our allies who believe in freedom, or do you want to live in a world that’s controlled by a global surveillance state?’ Where you know the Chinese Communist Party knows your every move, they’ve got all of your data, they know what illnesses you have, they know everything about you, know what you’re doing online, they potentially have cameras in everybody’s homes.
I mean, this is the path that we’re headed down, and I think that the combination of those voices in both parties who said the United States needs to withdraw from the world, and the rise of our adversaries at the same time, has put us in a really precarious situation. And when you start walking down the path of thinking about what kinds of weapons systems have the Chinese deployed that we don’t have, and what are the Chinese doing in space, it’s a very real, all-encompassing threat.

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Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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