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This week, President Biden unveiled his so-called “infrastructure” plan that will raise taxes on hard-working people in Wyoming and across the country while implementing Democrats’ radical Green New Deal policies. Unsurprisingly, President Biden and Democrats in Washington continue to put the priorities of their liberal base ahead of the interests of the American people. As always, I remain steadfast in combatting these policies that would be devastating to Wyoming, and will continue to stand up for our interests in Washington, DC.

Meeting With Wyoming Energy Stakeholders:

Earlier this week, I welcomed Rep. Bruce Westerman, the top Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee, to Wyoming to meet with energy stakeholders and tour key energy sites across the state. You can see below for complete information on the stops made during this tour, and photos from the day.

We began the day in Gillette with a tour of the Wyoming Integrated Test Center (ITC). The ITC is a facility that specializes in testing carbon capture and will enable clean, environmentally-efficient coal production that boosts the economy and provides reliable and affordable American energy.

At the following energy roundtable, Rep. Westerman and I heard from stakeholders in the mining industry, coal industry, uranium industry, those who mine for rare earth elements, individuals who work on carbon capture, oil and gas producers and Campbell County Commissioners about energy issues, the dangers posed by the Biden Administration and what Congress can do to support their respective industries.

We toured the Rawhide Mine and reclaimed mine land in the area. Our day concluded with visits to Devil’s Tower National Monument and Devil’s Tower Forest Products, located in the Black Hills National Forest, to talk about the damaging effects of the Biden Administration’s forestry mismanagement.

The people of Wyoming – not bureaucrats in Washington – know what’s best for Wyoming. President Biden’s executive orders attacking our energy industry are heartless, heavy-handed federal mandates that make it harder for people to make ends meet, rob our state of critical revenue, and prevent us from taking full advantage of our land and natural resources. Instead of Democrats’ deeply misguided approach, we should be advancing legislation that allows the energy industry to create jobs, boost our economy, provide consumers with an affordable and reliable power source, and protect our national security interests.

I’m honored that Ranking Member Westerman would join me to hear directly from the individuals who have been negatively impacted by the Biden Administration’s dangerous policies. I want to thank him for coming to our state to see how much pride we take in our energy industry and our national treasures, and know that we will both work tirelessly to ensure that the stories we heard this week resonate loudly in the halls of Congress.

Rep. Westerman and I host a roundtable with energy stakeholders at Wyoming Integrated Test Center in Gillette.
Rep. Westerman and I tour the Wyoming Integrated Test Center in Gillette.
Rep. Westerman and I tour the sawmill at Devil’s Tower Forest Products in Hulett with Jim Nieman from Nieman Enterprises.
Rep. Westerman and I tour the Black Hills National Forest with resource manager Hal Pierson.

Highlighting Innovation:

It was great to be in Casper at Mesa Solutions for a tour and discussion about the importance of clean, reliable natural gas to ensure resiliency in our communities:

Supporting Our Guardsmen:

I appreciated sitting down with Major General Gregory Porter to discuss Wyoming National Guard priorities. All of Wyoming can be proud of the work the Guard is doing to protect our state and nation:

Advocating For Wyoming Interests in Washington:

Glad I had the opportunity to join Wyoming News Now in studio to talk about the work I’m doing in Washington to fight for Wyoming and push back on dangerous mandates coming from the Biden Administration. You can watch the full interview here.

The Largest Tax Hike In History To Pay For Green New Deal Spending Is A Nonstarter:

On Wednesday, President Biden outlined his so-called “infrastructure” plan. The largest tax hike in American history in order to pay for the kind of Green New Deal spending outlined by President Biden this week should be a nonstarter in Congress. The plan President Biden outlined would destroy jobs, increase our debt and threaten our long-term economic stability.

These tax increases would hurt middle-class Americans, taking more of their hard-earned money at a time when our economy is still recovering. President Biden’ plan would eliminate the pro-growth policies that reduced unemployment to historic lows and led to the creation of one of the strongest economy’s our nation has ever seen.

Even Democrats admit this effort is more about fulfilling their Green New Deal fantasies, and the mammoth level of spending in this plan – on top of what Democrats have already rammed through Congress – will only push us closer to fiscal insolvency.

Once again, President Biden has proven that he does not appear to be serious about working across the aisle. I hope Congress will reject the far-left outline he put forward this week and instead work in a bipartisan manner to pass targeted infrastructure legislation that both parties agree we need.

Please follow this newsletter for continued updates about my work in Washington on behalf of the great people of Wyoming.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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