Earlier this week, Congresswoman Liz Cheney co-sponsored the SCALE Act which is legislation designed to help energy producers in Wyoming and support the coal industry. Key leaders and affiliated groups have commended Rep. Cheney following her co-sponsorship of this bill that will allow for the buildout of the infrastructure necessary to transport CO2 from where it is captured to where it can be utilized in manufacturing or safely and securely sequestered underground:

Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming

“Wyoming has always been a leader in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) and we are committed to making Wyoming the next state to have a CCUS facility. I recently set the goal for Wyoming to not only be carbon neutral, but actually carbon negative while continuing to use fossil fuels.

“While not a new technology, as more facilities are built CCUS will improve and costs will also decline. Representative Cheney has once again demonstrated her leadership and dedication to Wyoming’s future with the introduction of the SCALE Act. I urge Congress to act upon the bill.”

Travis Deti, Executive Director of the Wyoming Mining Association:

“Commercial development and deployment of carbon capture technology is critical for the longterm viability of Wyoming’s coal industry. We strongly support this legislation.”

Scott Quillinan, Director of Research, University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources

“Full appropriation of the SCALE Act will significantly advance the commercialization of CCUS. The SCALE Act builds upon the success of the CarbonSAFE program to provide additional funding opportunities for the development of commercial CO2 storage hubs, as well as concurrently offering loans and grants for CO2 transport.”

Dr. Steven M. Carpenter, Director, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, Casper, Wyoming

“Providing low-cost federal financing to build out large-scale CO2 transport systems together with saline geologic storage is an important and Gubernatorially directed strategic opportunity for Wyoming. Wyoming has led the nation by being the first to establish a statewide CO2 pipeline corridor initiative and after a ten-year effort, has received federal approval for the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative. The SCALE Act could help to begin building this network to allow Wyoming, with its extensive opportunities to store captured CO2 in saline geologic formations, as only the second state in the nation to have been granted EPA UIC Class VI primacy to oversee the permitting of wells disposing of CO2 in this type of geology. The SCALE Act creates the opportunity for developing a large regional CO2 storage hub with pipelines to serve Wyoming and its neighbors.”

Richard Jackson, President of Occidental Petroleum:

“CO2 transport and storage infrastructure is an essential enabler for large-scale carbon capture and removal deployment in order to achieve economy-wide net-zero emissions. The SCALE Act would lower the barriers to deployment and help spur investment in developing this critical infrastructure for the 21st century. Occidental recently announced our ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and the SCALE Act and similar legislative initiatives are imperative for us to meet that goal. We appreciate the leadership of Representative Cheney, and we look forward to working with her on this important issue.”