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Washington – At today’s House Republican leadership press conference, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) delivered remarks after being unanimously elected by her colleagues to serve as the Chair of the House Republican Conference for the 117th Congress.

Watch the video here, and see the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY: It’s really an honor to be here with our Leader and our Whip, with Mike Johnson, our newly elected Vice Chair, Gary Palmer re-elected as Policy Chair, and Richard Hudson who is going to be our Conference Secretary. We’ve just come from our leadership elections and the feeling in the room and the enthusiasm and the excitement about where we are and about the hard work ahead of us, but the momentum and the energy to get that work done, has been really remarkable. We have a tremendous class of incoming Members, many of whom themselves have fought these challenges that we’re fighting now. We’ve got four Members of the incoming class who were born, whose families came to the United States from socialist countries, who have lived first-hand what it means when the government takes power away from the people and when people lose their freedom. We are all absolutely committed to continue to fight against that, to make sure that the kinds of results that we saw in the House across this country are replicated and expanded.

We also are committed to making sure that we do the work the American people have sent us here to do. As the Leader and the Whip said, the Speaker time and time again has proven that she’s more concerned with placating the far-left of her party than she is with actually getting things done for the American people – whether you’re talking about COVID, whether you’re talking about health care generally, the extent to which that they’ve embraced socialism across the board. So, we’re committed to doing the work our constituents sent us here to do, doing it together in a unified way so that we can deliver again in a majority in 2022.

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