Washington – House Republican Conference Chair and Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) issued the following statement after voting against Speaker Pelosi’s Cynical Partisan Bill:

“Across America families are suffering and Speaker Pelosi refuses to deal with this crisis. Time and again, we have watched her block relief, refuse to negotiate, and delay progress. Instead, she repeatedly introduces partisan bills that have no chance of passage. The Democrats are wasting invaluable time and turning their backs on the American people. 

“We should be providing assistance to families, workers, small businesses, agriculture and energy producers in Wyoming and across America. Instead, Speaker Pelosi has introduced legislation layered up with trillions in runaway spending that funds Green New Deal-style programs, sends taxpayer-money to illegal immigrants, and changes election law to rig the process for Democrats. 

“While throwing money at a slew of far-left proposals, the Speaker still managed to find a way in this bill to cut money for our law enforcement officials, building on the Democrats’ commitment to defund the police. 

“Speaker Pelosi has fundamentally failed America and her decision to stand in the way of a commonsense relief bill is the latest example of that.”