Washington – This morning, Wyoming Congresswoman and House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) delivered remarks at a House Republican press event on their Commitment to America agenda, which calls for restoring our way of life, rebuilding the greatest economy, and renewing the American dream.

Watch the video of her remarks here, and see the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Thank you all for being here today. America is facing truly unprecedented challenges, and the outcome of this election is going to determine how we face and address those challenges. The election is going to be about whether or not we defeat the virus, bring our economy back, whether we support our men and women in uniform, do what’s necessary to defend our nation — to defend our nation from the threat of China and Russia — and whether we stand for our history and our founding values.

Every single day the Democrats tell us what they would do in, as Kamala Harris put it yesterday, “a Harris administration with Joe Biden.” They would defund our police, dismantle our freedom, destroy our history, and abandon our founding values. Every day you see the damage of years of Democrat policies. Today we see the fires ravaging the American west, fires that are there because of the policies of neglect — Democrat Administrations leaving our forests to die. Our cities are burning because Democrats won’t stand up against the rioting of thugs who are destroying the lives built by hard working Americans over decades. Schools that are failing to teach our children the most basic history about this most essential and exceptional nation — and every single day you see Speaker Pelosi acting like a partisan hack instead of the leader of this greatest representative body in the history of mankind.The Democrats leading this House care so little about the American people that they have squandered 17 months trying to score political points, while our nation faces unprecedented challenges.

We are committing today, to the United States of America, that if you give us the chance, we will change that. We will defeat this virus and rebuild our economy. We will restore American strength, hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable, and return power to the people all across this Republic. And we will make sure that our children know the truth about this nation, this exceptional nation. We’ll make sure that our children know the unparalleled contribution to freedom this nation has made, and that they know that we enjoy the blessings of every one of those freedoms because of the men and women who wear the uniform of this country and who have sworn to protect us all. Please join us today. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.