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Jackson, WY – This morning, Wyoming Congresswoman and House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) joined Fox and Friends to discuss the Democratic National Convention and their party’s embrace of socialism. 

Watch the full interview here and see excerpts of her answers below:

Cheney: In Contrast To The Disastrous Obama-Biden-Kerry Iran Deal, President Trump’s Maximum Pressure Campaign Is Working

CHENEY: “Don’t forget, John Kerry was the architect of the Iran Deal – the Iran Deal which had absolutely no verification mechanisms in it, which gave the Iranians a pathway towards a nuclear weapon. And not only that, but John Kerry then traveled around the world acting as the head of the Chamber of Commerce for the mullahs in Iran, trying to get investment money into Iran. What President Trump has done is absolutely the opposite. He has said we are not going to be part of a deal that gives us false comfort and gives the mullahs a pathway to a bomb, we’re going to impose strict sanctions, we’re going to have a maximum pressure campaign. It is exactly the opposite of the disastrous policies of the Obama-Biden years. John Kerry, you know, is an example of the failed past, and I’m frankly pretty surprised that the Democrats have chosen to highlight so many of the failed leaders of the past at their convention this week.”

Cheney: Socialism Has A Chokehold On The Democratic Party

CHENEY: “Well look, and I think it’s absolutely clear to the American people. The Democrats have combined the failed policies of the past with this fraud of socialism that they see as our future and if the Democrats prevail, we will not have an economic recovery. Every single policy that they’ve put forward is one that will make it much, much more difficult for us to recover from the pandemic, to get the economy back going again where we need it to be. The economic policies that we have seen from President Trump and from the Republicans in the House and the Senate over the course of last 3 and a half years, the cuts in regulation, the cuts in taxes, those are the kinds of things that we have to see to bring the economy back again, to get people back to work. Socialism, which is the promise of Bernie Sanders and AOC, they have a chokehold on the Democratic platform, on Joe Biden’s policies going forward. They are the ones that will be setting the policy into the future. That would be an absolute devastation for this country.”

Cheney: The Leaders Of The Democratic Party Will Sink Our Nation By Taking Power & Freedom Away From People

CHENEY: “Look, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Joe Biden, they are advocating the quicksand of socialism. They will absolutely sink and devastate this nation and they talk about giving power to the people. You know, Kamala Harris’ slogan is “For The People.” Every time I hear that I remember what they are actually doing is taking power from the people and giving it to the government. They are taking freedom, socialism doesn’t work, it has never worked, it will drive this nation into the ground and it’s crucially important that we don’t give them the opportunity to do that this fall. I think that the president being at the border reminded people once again, for example, of how important it is to secure the border but also that the Democrats want to use taxpayer funds to give health care, free health care, to illegal immigrants that come across the border. Those kinds of programs would absolutely be devastating. We have to get the economy growing again and the Democrats are not the solution to that.”

Cheney: Like Joe Biden, House Democrats Are Hiding Because They Have No Accomplishments & Can’t Defend Speaker Pelosi’s Failed Leadership

CHENEY: “We have amazing candidates all across the country – you guys had Sean Parnell on just a little while ago. Tremendous candidates and the Democrats, there’s something that is similar between Joe Biden and his method of campaigning, and what we are seeing from vulnerable Democratic House members across the country, and that is that they’re in hiding. They cannot go back to their constituents in their districts and talk about anything that they have accomplished because Speaker Pelosi has fundamentally failed to lead. They do not want to have to describe that back home. We feel really good about our chances to take a message to the American people that we are the party that is going to bring back economic recovery, that’s going to bring back national security, defeat this virus, and get the economy going again.”

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