Washington – This morning, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) appeared on Fox and Friends where she spoke about the dangerous policies being proposed by Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, and also highlighted the importance of holding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for their malign activity.

Watch the full interview here, and see an excerpt of clips with the transcripts below:

Cheney: We Can’t Allow America To Be Run By Biden, Schumer, & Pelosi

REP. LIZ CHENEY: The Conference meeting yesterday opened with and was focused on what America will look like if Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are running this country and how important it is for us all to be unified against that. If they are allowed to win, if they run this country, you will see taxpayer funded illegal immigrant healthcare, you will see taxpayer funded abortion. We’ve watched, just over the last few weeks, they have put bills on the floor of the House of Representatives that will make it harder for us to develop vaccines and therapeutics to fight COVID. We’re going to watch today, they’re going to put a bill on the floor that would have prevented President Trump from banning travel from China at the beginning of this pandemic. So, we’re focused on that. We know that, you know, Joe Biden in his basement because he can’t make it through an interview, but also because he doesn’t want to have to defend his socialist policies. You may see the Republicans have discussions and debates, we believe in free speech, but we are all unified in ensuring that come November Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are not running this country.

Cheney: Unlike Speaker Pelosi, We Must Continue Following The Administration’s Lead And Hold China Accountable

REP. LIZ CHENEY: When it comes to national security, when it comes to the importance of keeping this nation safe, I look, for example, at China, which is our largest national security threat right now. The fact that President Trump, Secretary Pompeo have taken hugely important steps to hold China accountable, to combat the fact that China has spread the coronavirus globally, the government of China is responsible for the devastation that we’ve faced. That is a stark contrast to Nancy Pelosi who even yesterday refused once again to say she would hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for this. You saw strong action yesterday with the administration saying we are going to close the consulate in Houston. So there is no comparison in terms of the kind of leadership that we need in the world and the choice is a very clear one. You know, the American people are going to have to choose between a world in which the United States and the other free nations set the rules of the road or a world in which China and Russia and our adversaries, who do not believe in freedom, set the rules of the road. That is the world you will see under a Joe Biden presidency, if Nancy Pelosi remains Speaker and, God forbid, if Chuck Schumer is able to be the Majority Leader in the Senate. We are all going to work together to stop that. 

Cheney: China’s Malign Activity Is Why We Must Hold Them Accountable

GRIFF JENKINS: Congresswoman, you mentioned the closure of the Chinese Communist Party’s Consulate in Houston. That’s getting a lot of reaction this morning. China complaining overnight, and Morgan Ortagus, the State Department Spokeswoman, putting out a statement simply saying that, “the United States won’t tolerate the PRC’s violations of our sovereignty and intimidation.” This as the Secretary of State Pompeo is calling for an international coalition against the CCP. Your reaction this morning? 

REP. CHENEY: Listen, I think this is the latest example of the extent to which this administration has taken very important steps to hold China accountable. There is no question the Chinese Communist Party has, for decades–you know, I think both of our parties when they were in power got China wrong for 20 years, thinking that if we simply opened up to them economically that they would become a responsible member of the community of nations. They have not done that. They have, in fact, been at war with us in many ways whether you are talking about espionage, whether you are talking about what they have done in the South China Sea, whether you are talking about stealing our intellectual property, or whether you are talking about the extent to which we have seen hacks into our personnel systems and other places. The Chinese Communist Party has got to be held accountable. We just passed the National Defense Authorization Act yesterday here in the House that had important resources in it to do just that–to help to build the defense initiative in the South China Sea, funding for nuclear modernization that’s crucially important to make sure we can maintain our superiority. It is a very important sign that we are seeing steps like this one, steps like the President’s sanctions against the people in the government of China who are responsible for Uyghurs and the concentration camps as well as for what’s going on in Hong Kong. The world has got to hold China accountable. The Chinese Communist Party has to realize that we are going to hold them accountable. That this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated. I think it is an important step, and it’s a step that I support.