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Washington – During this morning’s House Republican leadership press conference, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) highlighted the failed leadership of Speaker Pelosi for continuing to pursue partisan legislation instead of working with Republicans to create solutions for the American people. Watch the video here, and see the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY: As you all know, our nation’s facing unprecedented challenges and Speaker Pelosi continues every single day to turn away from bipartisan solutions to these challenges that we face. Instead, on every single issue, whether it’s police reform, health care, infrastructure, she continues to introduce legislation that she knows will never become law, but these are all areas in which the American people expect us to work together in a bipartisan fashion to come up with solutions. Today, we’ve got yet one more missed opportunity. The Democrat’s transportation bill, which we’re going to hear more from Mr. Davis in just a minute — this legislation is “an application of the principles of the Green New Deal” when it doesn’t need to be that, when there is bipartisan room for agreement on it. The Democrats also, we’ve watched, passed legislation yesterday that actually will make it much more difficult to come up with the kind of innovation that is necessary for vaccines, for treatments for COVID. So their determination to move and to operate in a partisan fashion is fundamentally hurting the people of this country.

Rep. Cheney also addressed reports about Russian activities in Afghanistan and allegations that they targeted members of the U.S. Armed Forces:

Cheney: The United States Will Respond When Attacked Or Threatened By Our Adversaries

REP. LIZ CHENEY: On Russian activities in Afghanistan, Ranking Member Thornberry is here to discuss that as well as actions this week on the NDAA. Let me just say, we’re not going to talk about classified briefings, we’re not going to talk about the specifics of any of those classified briefings, but as Ranking Member Thornberry and I said yesterday in our statement, we remain concerned about Russian activities in Afghanistan and around the world. We’re going to continue to work with the Administration, we anticipate additional briefings on this issue, but I want to be absolutely clear that America’s adversaries should know and they should have no doubt that any targeting of the U.S. Forces by Russians, by anyone else, will face a very swift and deadly response. The Russians experienced this in Syria in 2018 when U.S. Forces defended themselves with overwhelming and lethal force against likely Russian mercenary forces. 

In the United States, we have a free and open society. We debate policy, we debate these issues, that is the strength of our system and that is what our adversaries, the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the North Koreans among them, that is what they fear the most. Those governments cannot allow their people the kind of free and open debate that we have because they know if they allow their people to choose, they would  lose power. America’s adversaries should never question the will of the United States government or of the American people to defend our interests, to protect the security of our nation, to protect our Forces, and to respond when attacked or threatened.

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