Washington – Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) released the following statement in support of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granting Wyoming’s request to have primary responsibility (primacy) for enforcing regulation of Class VI wells under the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program:

“I’m pleased to see the EPA support empowering states like Wyoming to have control over our carbon sequestration enforcement. Instead of a top-down, Washington-knows-best approach, the Trump Administration continues to recognize that our states know best how to manage our resources. Wyoming has the cleanest coal in the world and a proven track record of leadership when it comes to carbon capture technology. This proposal will enhance Wyoming’s energy production opportunities, creating more jobs and economic growth for our rural communities.”


After conducting a thorough review, EPA has determined that the State of Wyoming meets the requirements to implement and enforce a Class VI injection program. This revision would allow the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality to issue UIC permits for geologic carbon sequestration facilities as Class VI wells and ensure compliance of Class VI wells with applicable requirements under the UIC program. The EPA’s proposed rule can be found here

Once final, Wyoming will be the second state, along with North Dakota, that has received primacy for Class VI UIC wells under the Safe Drinking Water Act, which can be used for storage of carbon dioxide captured from industrial and energy related sources.