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Washington – Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) joined KGAB’s “Wake Up Wyoming With Glenn Woods” this morning to discuss the steps Congress is taking to support Wyoming families and slow the spread of coronavirus. Listen to the full interview here, and see an excerpt of the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY: We’re facing, as you know, Glenn, a completely unprecedented situation where we’ve got this global pandemic health crisis that is causing, simultaneously, a global economic crisis. People all across Wyoming and all across this country would much prefer to be able to get back to work rather than get handouts. I think that if you look at what we need to be doing, we absolutely, we just have to face the facts that we are in a situation where people are being asked to stay home, where there is going to be economic disruption, and that’s really important because we have to do everything we can to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed. Having people stay at home, separate themselves, social distancing, helps to slow the spread of this virus.

We have to do that while we’re also focused hugely on incentivising American companies and just the tremendous ingenuity of our scientists, of our medical workers, coming up with therapeutics, coming up with a vaccine, doing what we need to do to defeat the virus. That’s really important. I would much prefer if we were in a situation where we were able to test every American so that we could say, ‘Alright, look, we’re going to test everybody, the people that test positive, those people need to isolate themselves, they need to quarantine until they get better, but the rest of us can go back to work.’ That’s not the situation we’re in. We’re in a situation with this absolutely new, fast-moving virus, which, by the way, nobody should ever forget, came out of China. That is really important. What the Chinese Communist Party has done in terms of hiding information, in terms of lying about what this virus was, in terms of continuing to allow the practices of the wet markets in China that seemed to have caused the spread of this disease, caused this virus to jump from animals to humans in a way that is devastating us globally.

All of those things we have to be prepared to deal with, we’ve got to be ready to deal with. We’ve got to make sure that people who are being laid off now that they have support, that they’ve got resources, that businesses have resources, small businesses especially so they’re not forced to lay workers off. The economy will come back, the demand will come back, and we’ve got to make sure that we’re ready for that and that we help people that are otherwise going to be really hurt by this complete economic shutdown.

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