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Washington – Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) joined “The Guy Benson Show” this afternoon to discuss House Democrats’ harmful impeachment charade and embrace of socialism. Listen to the full interview here, and see an excerpt of the transcript below:

GUY BENSON: I want to ask you about something that just wrapped up in the upper chamber, the Senate. Your colleague, Adam Schiff, from the other side of the aisle, of course, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, is the lead prosecutor, if you will, the lead impeachment manager from the House side, he wrapped up the closing argument from the prosecution team, and I’m using that term a little bit loosely. The President’s defense team, of course, making their closing remarks as well, that ended just before we came on the air here. The Senate’s going to start debating impeachment and the issue of acquittal versus conviction any moment now, they might actually already be underway. As you are now watching from the other side of Capitol Hill and you see some of your House colleagues still involved in this trial with votes coming up on Wednesday, what is your assessment of where things stand and how do you think this will play out once the President is, I think, inevitably acquitted on Wednesday?

REP. LIZ CHENEY: We had to live through this for months over on the House side. The Democrats, led by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, impeached the President with no direct evidence. They kept saying that their evidentiary record was compelling and overwhelming, and then they went over to the Senate and they’re saying that if the Senators rely on this evidentiary record that’s compelling and overwhelming that they’ll be somehow involved in a cover-up. It’s outrageous. It is a real sign of a party that just simply can’t be trusted—they can’t be trusted to uphold their oath to the Constitution, they can’t be trusted to do what they say they’re going to do when they’re trying to get elected. We in the House have 31 Democrats who sit in seats that President Trump won those districts in 2016 and every one of those Democrats goes home and they say to the voters at home, “Listen, I’m going to work across party lines, I’m going to be reasonable, I’m going to have common sense, I’m going to be moderate,” and then they all voted, with the exception of two, to impeach the President of the United States and they vote over 90 percent of the time with the socialists in the Democratic caucus.

I think that it’s all part of a very clear message to the American people that you simply can’t trust them. It is all politics. On a day like today, politics seems to be on the forefront, but it’s really important that people recognize what they are perpetuating and what they are doing is fundamentally damaging to the country. And in the case of both the impeachment and their embrace of socialism, it’s just a complete fraud. They say that they’re ‘for the people,’ yet they ignore their constitutional duty and they fight for an economic system that would take power away from the very people they say they want to help and give power to the federal government. I think we will see the Senate do the right thing here. We’ll see the Senate acquit the President. I think the American people are going to hold the Democrats accountable for what they’ve done over the course of the last several months in terms of the real circus and their failure to uphold their oath to the Constitution.

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