Washington – Today, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) released the following statement after introducing the Creating Opportunities And Leveraging Technologies for Coal Carbon Act (COAL TeCC), legislation to establish a carbon technologies program at the Department of Energy (DOE) to advance research for coal-driven carbon products:

“As the nation’s largest coal producing state, the people of Wyoming know that coal is more than just a critical energy source. New technologies have opened up unlimited applications for coal as a carbon-based product used in automobile frames, airplanes, electronic devices, and plastics. The unique composition of coal has the potential to create stronger, lighter, and less expensive carbon-based materials, providing coal communities in Wyoming with an important source of jobs and revenue. Investing in carbon-based technology and research strengthens the reality of coal as one of America’s most versatile and valuable natural resources.”


Full text of the COAL TeCC Act can be found HERE.

The Creating Opportunities and Leveraging Technologies for Coal Carbon Act, or “COAL TeCC” Act, establishes a dedicated program within DOE focused on advancing the research and commercialization of coal-derived carbon products. The bill also directs DOE to conduct a study and subsequent report on commercialization opportunities for coal-derived carbon products.

Additionally, COAL TeCC directs DOE to establish a two-year pilot program, one in each of the two major coal producing regions of the United States. The pilot programs are meant to help coal derived carbon products reach the commercialization phase.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso introduced companion legislation in the Senate.