Washington – During this morning’s House Republican leadership press conference, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) stressed the importance of Congress unifying behind President Trump in support of his actions in Iran. Watch the video here, and see the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY:We’re back obviously from the break, we’re following the news very closely. We understand the President is going to speak to the nation at eleven o’clock this morning about the circumstances with respect to Iran. We are absolutely unified as a Conference, unified behind the President, unified with respect to the importance, the significance, and the righteousness of the act the President took to eliminate Qasem Soleimani from the battlefield. And I think it’s very important that following a course of time during the Obama Administration when the policy toward the Iranians was nothing short of appeasement, President Trump has turned that around, President Trump has made clear that the United States will not tolerate the kind of Iranian malign activity that we’ve seen in the past and certainly will not tolerate the kinds of attacks that Qasem Soleimani was instrumental in for so many years that resulted in the death of American service members. 

We also think it’s very important for people to recognize at this moment the impetus on the part of some of our Democratic colleagues to blame the United States of America, is unacceptable. We reject that. As Americans, we ought to be united and in particular the Speaker’s assertion that somehow the activity that’s going on in Iran is a result of action that the Administration took requires a willingness to completely disregard the history of the last 40 years in the attacks that have been launched against the United States and our interests ever since the Iranian Revolution. So, we look forward to the United States being unified behind the President, we look forward to the President’s remarks, and we will continue, certainly, here as Republicans in the House to be unified as a body as well.