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Washington – During last night’s House Republican leadership press conference, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) condemned House Democrats for abusing their power and disregarding the facts in order to move forward with the impeachment of President Trump. Click here to watch her full remarks and see the transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Hi everybody, thank you for joining us tonight. We’re obviously here on the eve of what is going to be a sad day, what’s going to be a solemn day, and when we say that we actually really mean it. We’ve heard the Democrats again and again and again talk about how heartbroken they are that they’re going down this path, but their actions demonstrate that for them, those are just empty words. The Democrats have been gleefully proclaiming their desire to impeach this President since he was elected. We’ve now just seen this afternoon video of Congressman Raskin at a rally before the President was even sworn into office, talking about how he plans to vote, or he may well be voting to impeach this President.

What we know is that they’ve been operating in a way that they’ve been conducting themselves in secret, they’ve abused the rules, they’ve abused their power, they’ve denied due process, they’ve disregarded the facts, the evidence, instructed witnesses not to answer Republican questions, used focus groups to decide what crime they should accuse the President of, and yet, despite all of these abuses, the Democrats have failed to prove their case. But they are continuing to proceed forward in what is a very partisan and reckless matter. Indeed, you heard a liberal constitutional law professor testify, “This is not just a woefully inadequate basis for impeachment, in some respects, it is dangerous.”

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that you can impeach a President without direct evidence. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that you can assume impeachable conduct. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say if you are angry at the President, or if you are angry with the opposing party, or you disagree with his policies, or you are afraid you can’t beat him in the next election, that you can just assume impeachable conduct. Yet that’s what the Democrats are doing.

Tomorrow, they’re going to bring Articles of Impeachment to the floor⁠—Articles of Impeachment that have the potential to do grave damage to the Republic, to this House as an institution, to the Constitution, and to the voters all across this country who believe, rightly, that the decision about who sits in the White House should be theirs, not Nancy Pelosi’s, not Adam Schiff’s, certainly, who do not agree with and do not believe in the kind of partisan process we’re going to see tomorrow. We in the House Republican Conference are going to remain united, we’re going to continue to stand up for the Constitution, we’re going to continue to stand up for the rule of law, and we are going to look forward to the day when we are back in the majority. And we certainly are not going to commit the kind of offenses to the Constitution and abuse of power that the Democrats have been engaged in now ever since they took over.

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