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Washington –During this evening’s House Republican leadership press conference, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) noted that the Democrats have fundamentally failed to prove their impeachment case despite stacking the deck in their favor. Click here to watch her full remarks and see the transcript below: 

REP. LIZ CHENEY: We are back now, as you all know, and will begin tomorrow hearings in the Judiciary Committee on impeachment despite the fact that the Speaker of the House said that the evidence, if we were going to more forward on impeachment, needs to be clear, compelling, and bipartisan. The Democrats fail on every single one of those counts, and we have been pointing out and talking about now for several weeks, since the impeachment process began, the extent to which the process was fundamentally unfair. 

So I would just ask people to remember that they have failed despite the fact that they had a process that basically put everything tilted in their direction. The Democrats were able to act as judge and prosecutor. The Democrats were able to select every single witness. The Democrats were able to prevent, and did prevent, witnesses from answering Republican questions. The Democrats decided what the American people would see and when. The Democrats decided the timing on the release of important pieces of transcripts, they still have not released the transcript of the IC Inspector General, and so the Democrats essentially stacked the deck in their favor and despite the fact that they did this, and even with every unfair advantage and unprecedented advantage they gave themselves, including preventing the President from having any access to the proceedings, preventing his counsel from having any participation in the proceedings, they now have come out of this and fundamentally failed to prove their case.

So we’re going to be moving into tomorrow where we’re going to have a panel of constitutional scholars, liberal law professors, predominantly, and one Republican witness, and the Democrats are now going to be asking them questions about whether or not the behavior that they are inaccurately and lacking in facts, the behavior that they are describing to be impeachable. We would remind the Speaker of the House, once again, that the power of impeachment rests with the House of Representatives. The Constitution does not say that impeachment shall be the responsibility of a panel of liberal activists, but that’s where we’re going to be tomorrow.

In the meantime, we are very focused on the important and critical work that’s not getting done, and on that point, I would also just note that the Intelligence Committee has been hijacked for the last 70 days, unable to and unwilling, because the Democrats are in charge, to focus on the real threats that face this nation. And the Democrats will be fundamentally accountable for the damage that they’re doing because the Intel. Committee has not been able to focus on critical threats, like the threats we face from China, the threats we face from Russia, the threats from North Korea, Iran, terrorism—none of those things have been in the purview of the Intel Committee because they’ve been focused on this sham impeachment effort.

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