Washington – Following the partisan passage of the House Democrats’ impeachment resolution, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) made clear that it’s too late for the Democrats to reverse the tainted record of their secretive impeachment push. Click here to watch to her full remarks and see the transcript below:

REP. CHENEY: Thank you very much, Steve. I want to make sure everybody is focused on a couple of things and you’ll hear from a number of our members here today about this. The first one is that the Democrats cannot fix this process. They’ve now created a record over the course of the last several weeks with witnesses they selected. We know there are circumstances where Chairman Schiff told witnesses not to answer questions that our members were asking. We know there have been circumstances where our members have attempted to go read transcripts and they’ve been told by staff members that they’re not allowed to go read those transcripts. This is a process that has been fundamentally tainted. The President has had no rights inside these hearings, his counsel has not been able to be present. So for them now to claim that they are going to open this process up, which, by the way, this resolution does not do⁠—the resolution says that they’re going to continue doing what they want to do. It gives authority for open hearings, but they cannot go back and fix what has been a fundamentally tainted and unfair record. 

The second thing that’s very important for the American people to understand, and you heard the Leader and the Whip talk about the things that are not getting done here, there is a long list of things that the American people deserve to have done that simply are not being addressed because of the Democrats’ obsession with impeachment. Think about what Speaker Pelosi has done for the last several weeks and what she codified today. What she did today was that she said she is going to take the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, which is arguably the single most important committee when it comes to our oversight, when it comes to the national security of this nation, and she has told them to stop all focus on any issue that has anything to do with the national security of the nation. You saw Democrats on the Floor of the House arguing that somehow it was Republicans who were putting politics above national security. There is no one who has done that the way that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have done that. History will hold them accountable, history will judge them. We are at a moment where the nation faces grave, significant, ongoing threats, and she has completely neutered the Intelligence Committee, she said they must be focused on a partisan impeachment process and not their oversight obligations that we have as a body, that we have as an important branch of this government, and they’ll be held accountable for that.