Washington – Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney and her colleagues on Thursday urged President Donald Trump to ensure that the U.S. bolsters its defenses against China’s campaign of intellectual property theft. 

Reps. Cheney and Gallagher, joined by Sen. Cotton and other Members of Congress, specifically pointed to the State Department’s Visas Mantis program, through which the Department vets and issues a Security Advisory Opinion for visa applicants who may engage in illegal technology transfers.

Their letter states: “The Mantis process is a key line of defense in safeguarding technologies, and it is imperative that it functions effectively. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that individuals flagged as potentially problematic in the Mantis database due to ties to Chinese military or security services have been granted visas to the United States.

In the letter, Rep. Cheney and her colleagues ask the Trump Administration whether any Chinese nationals flagged as “problematic” in the Mantis database have been granted visas to the United States over the past year, as well as what steps the Administration is taking to better enforce the Mantis process⁠—including creating a presumption of denial for citizens of strategic competitors such as the People’s Republic of China.

Read the full letter here.