Washington – Today during the House Republican leadership press conference, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) called out House Democrats for shirking their constitutional responsibilities by continuing to pursue baseless impeachment of the President. Click here to watch her full remarks and see an excerpt of the transcript below: 

REP. LIZ CHENEY: What we have all seen is a terribly radical, dangerous agenda coming out of the Democrats and one that we’re going to see continue, certainly. We are already seeing that now, both in terms of the kinds of substance that they’re focused on. Their efforts to kill fossil fuels, their efforts to fundamentally violate the Second Amendment of American citizens, and their absolute determination to go down the path of impeachment.

On impeachment what we’re seeing, and they’re speaking very publicly about this on the record to many of you, that their first effort at impeachment seems not to have worked. So now they’re looking for another path to impeachment. They have been determined to impeach this president at all costs since he was elected regardless of the Constitution. They are fundamentally failing to abide by and live up to their constitutional responsibilities; turning impeachment into an absolutely political endeavor. 

And in this regard, I just want to point out one thing, which is that we’ve seen the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee as well ask to bring in Horowitz, who conducted the⁠—he’s not just the inspector general of the Justice Department, he’s also the head of the Inspector General Association government-wide. He’s the one who issues the report on James Comey, who said that Comey “failed to live up to his responsibility and set a dangerous example and the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee will not bring him in to testify. They refuse to do that and we think that that just fundamentally shows you their lack of substantive concern for issues that really should matter when the director of the FBI conducts himself that way because they’re too focused on political attacks on the President. We’re going to continue to fight on behalf of the free enterprise system, on behalf of freedom, on behalf of our Constitution, and make sure that we’re doing everything possible to stop the very dangerous agenda that we’re seeing come out of Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats.