Washington – During a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on coal this morning, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) stopped the Democrat witnesses from trying to spread falsehoods and use the employees who were laid off in the Blackjewel mine closings to score political points. She made clear she will continue fighting every day for our Wyoming coal industry. Watch her remarks below and see a transcript below:

REP. LIZ CHENEY“Thank you very much Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Gosar, and thank you to our witnesses for being here today.

“As you all know nobody knows coal better than Wyoming. We are the nation’s number one coal producing state, we take great pride in the production of coal, we view coal and all of our fossil fuels as national treasures. We also take great pride in our reclamation successes and in our care of the environment, as well as in the extent to which we are on the leading edge of technological developments including carbon capture. I have to say I take real exception with the descriptions a number of the witnesses have made today in particular about Blackjewel.

I was in Gillette just a couple of days ago and our communities and our families are feeling and facing real pain. We have had 700 people laid off and the idea that that pain would be used by witnesses in this committee to somehow suggest that we ought to pursue an anti-coal endeavor to me is really offensive. I can tell you without doubt that my constituents in Gilette, both those who have been laid off as well as their families and their neighbors, would be absolutely and will be appalled when they see that the tragedy that they have faced is being used by people in a hearing room in Washington, D.C. to suggest that we should end the coal leasing program, our federal coal program.

“There’s no question but that the policies adopted by the Obama administration were an attempt to kill coal, that’s exactly what the Clean Power Plan was, and those have had an impact. We continue to feel the pain of those and we know that the Clean Power Plan, as Secretary Jewell testified, would have had over the long-term a negligible impact on global temperature. So it was an effort to kill the coal industry with no benefit to the environment.

“We also know that what happened with respect to Blackjewel has to do with—the best way you can describe it is significant financial mismanagement. So I would just again express my real objection to using my constituents to score political points against coal. Coal is a crucial form of predictable base-load power in this nation, it is a form of power generation that we cannot do without, and what went on in the Obama administration was not just a programmatic review.”