WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, Congresswoman​ Liz Cheney (WY-AL) introduced legislation that would require congressional approval of any future moratoriums that the federal government attempts to issue on coal leases on federal lands. As the leading coal producer in the country, Wyoming was negatively impacted by the previous Administration’s decision to deny these leases from being issued.

“The Obama-era federal coal leasing moratorium was not just a war on coal, but a war on Wyoming and our state’s livelihood. No state was harmed more by this reckless action than we were, and we need to make sure that no Administration can ever unilaterally issue a crippling moratorium like this again,” said Congresswoman Cheney. “Unelected bureaucrats should not have the power to impose policies that disproportionately harm one state. The Obama Administration issued their moratorium without environmental justification, economic analysis, or state input. I am pleased that the Trump Administration moved swiftly to rescind this overreach, and the bill I am introducing today will restore congressional authority and help safeguard our state from politically motivated attacks on coal by any future unfriendly administrations.”


This legislation will require congressional approval of any order by the Interior Secretary imposing a moratorium on coal leasing on federal lands. Congress must act within 30 legislative days after the proposed order is received by Congress in order for moratorium to take effect. Congresswoman Cheney introduced similar legislation in the 115th Congress.

If passed, this bill would nullify attempts by far-left environmental groups to use the courts to overturn President Trump’s decision and restore the coal leasing moratorium put in place by the Obama administration.