Washington – Congresswoman Liz Cheney issued the following statement after she voted against a Democrat-backed resolution to force President Trump to reenter President Obama’s Paris Climate Agreement.

“This bill that would force the United States to remain in the unconstitutional Paris Climate Agreement is exactly the wrong approach. President Trump made the right decision by withdrawing America from this sham treaty that would unfairly penalize our country on the global stage, while costing us hundreds of thousands of jobs, hiking energy prices and electricity costs on families, and leading to a national GDP loss of $2.5 trillion.    

“The fact remains that we need to champion free market solutions that have allowed our country to lead the world. Instead of supporting those common sense principles, today’s vote from Democrats was just window dressing for their real energy agenda – a Green New Deal that would dictate what people can buy, how they can travel, what they can eat, and how they can make a living. That proposal would destroy our entire economy, stripping opportunity from every American and instituting a socialist system that would give government ultimate authority over everything. Their plan for everything is more power in Washington, DC, less freedom for taxpayers. I will continue to oppose their efforts to remake our country in that warped image, and fight for the founding principles that have made our nation exceptional.”