WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Liz Cheney issued the following statement after the Trump Administration announced that it is applying the full weight of U.S. sanctions and forcing Iranian oil exports to zero.

“The Trump Administration today took an essential step in its maximum pressure campaign against the hostile regime in Tehran. Oil is a significant source of revenue for Iran. By not granting these exceptions for the import of Iranian oil, the President is underscoring a clear message: when it comes to depriving Tehran of funding for its terror network, nothing is off the table. With this move, the Trump Administration is rightfully putting those who continue to import Iranian oil on notice.”

Background: The Trump Administration announced on Monday that it would not be reissuing exceptions that allow certain countries to continue importing Iranian oil. The Administration issued these exceptions to eight countries on a temporary basis in November, when it re-imposed sanctions related to the nuclear deal. The exceptions are set to lapse in early May. Congresswoman Cheney led a letter to the President this month in which she and 34 of her House colleagues urged against the renewal of the oil exceptions.

“Since leaving the nuclear deal, your administration has squeezed Iran with an array of shrewd sanctions,” the letter read. “This month, you took the unprecedented and necessary step of designating Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization. Now, in accordance with your maximum pressure campaign, the regime in Tehran must be pushed further. We urge you not to renew these oil exceptions and ensure that Iran’s leaders are unable to put their death chants into action.”

Read the full letter here.