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Washington – Prior to signing a discharge petition to bring the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to the House floor for an up-or-down vote, Congresswoman Liz Cheney joined her fellow House Republicans at a press conference to talk about the importance of the legislation. Video of her remarks can be seen here and a transcript is below:

“Thank you very much for being here. It’s an honor to be here with my colleagues and so many people here who are fighting on behalf of babies and on behalf of life. We have now 25 times as the House Republicans attempted to get the Democrats to allow us to put on the floor a bill that will protect babies that are born alive. And it is absolutely stunning to me – there are no words to describe the sense that we all have and actually have to have this debate this day and age. We have to stand here to try and plead with the House Democrats’ to let us put a bill on the floor to protect babies after they’re born. But it’s a tragedy that not only will they not allow us to do that but we are seeing all across this country in state after state, we are seeing moves by state legislatures actually to take action that would prevent medical care given to babies born alive after abortions. So, we are in a situation today where thanks to the tremendous efforts of my colleague Ann Wagner and of our Whip Steve Scalise. We are going to be in a position where we’ve got a discharge petition that has ripened. And we call on the Democrats, we call on all of the Democrats to do something that should not be hard, should not be partisan. If you are for the people, that has to start with being for the most vulnerable among us, for the babies. You can not be for the people if you cannot protect the babies. I’m so proud to be here today with this tremendous group of people and we absolutely look forward to the opportunity to sign this discharge petition to get it to the floor of the House and to tell Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrats if you don’t stand with the babies and you won’t protect the babies you are not for the people and we will be every single time.”

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