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Cheney: The Fact That House Democrats Can’t Put A Resolution On The Floor Condemning Anti-Semitism Tells You Where That Party Is Today

Washington, DC – This morning, Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) joined “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News Channel to discuss last night’s sham resolution vote that refused to hold Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) accountable for her anti-Semitic remarks. In response to a question about the vote this morning, President Donald Trump called it a “disgrace,” and labeled Democrats as a, “anti-Israel,” and “anti-Jewish” party.

SANDRA SMITH: Let’s bring in Wyoming Congressman Liz Cheney, the House GOP Conference Chairwoman. She also voted against the resolution. Congresswoman, good morning to you and thank you for coming on “America’s Newsroom.”

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Good morning, thanks for having me.

SMITH: Thank you for being here. Why did you cast a no vote?

REP. CHENEY: Well, I agree with what my colleague, Representative Zeldin, said. You know, we have seen now the Democrats struggle to simply put on the floor a resolution that condemns Representative Omar by name, that strips her from her membership on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. And so this resolution ended up really being an effort to protect her. It was completely watered-down and as I said, it didn’t mention her by name and it really sort of piled on a bunch of other things that, frankly, allowed them, allowed her to claim that the resolution was a victory. And I think we just felt very clearly that we need to, and the whole House Republican leadership and our whole conference has said, we have got to condemn anti-Semitism and we believe she should be removed from the committee.

SMITH: So clearly your view was that this resolution should have named her by name. It did not, as you just heard from your colleague Lee Zeldin. He felt it was watered down and it was spineless. The President, as he was departing the White House earlier, weighed in on it as well. Here he is:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP (CLIP): I thought that vote was a disgrace and so does everybody else if you get an honest answer. If you get an honest answer from politicians, they thought it was a disgrace. The democrats have become an anti-Israel party. They have become an anti Jewish party.

SMITH: It wasn’t just Republicans that weren’t happy with the vote. Even though all Democrats voted in favor of it, many weren’t happy about it, Congresswoman. Eliot Engel of New York, Ted Deutch among them. Ted Deutch said words should have consequences. Have there been any consequences Congresswoman Omar’s words?

REP. CHENEY: No, there haven’t been, and look I think that we have seen now, we know the lesson that history teaches. The lesson that history teaches is that we have an obligation to stand up to anti-Semitic hate. Those of us who are elected officials have an obligation to stand up to call evil by its name, and that’s frankly what the Republicans have been doing all along here. And I think that the fact that the House Democrats are not able even to just put a simple resolution on the floor condemning anti-Semitism, condemning Representative Omar’s remarks, stripping her from her membership on the House Foreign Affairs Committee tells you where that party is today. The president is exactly right. The whole episode from the perspective of the Democrats was an absolute disgrace, and they have become a party that is now enabling and abiding by anti-Semitism, and that is extremely dangerous.

SMITH: You certainly heard that from the President a short time ago leaving the White House, saying that this is a party that is anti-Israel. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you are referring, obviously, to some of the newer freshman members of Congress. She has decided to come out in support and defend Congresswoman Omar, and she tweeted this, and I want to get your reaction to it. “Where is the outrage over the 23 GOP members who voted no on a resolution condemning bigotry today? Oh, there’s none? Did they get called out? Raked over? Ambushed in halls and relentlessly asked why not? No? Okay. Got it.” So, I hear you characterizing what you are seeing from your colleagues in the House on the Democratic side. What did you think of that response?

REP. CHENEY: Well, listen, the outrage is that they were not able to even put a resolution on the floor condemning Omar. That the resolution they put on the floor actually protected her. That’s the outrage. That’s the outrage we all feel. I think it’s very clear, and I’m really sorry but I got to run because we are just about to wrap up our last vote here, but it’s great to be with you and thank you so much for having me on this morning.

SMITH: We really appreciate your time here this morning. We’ll wrap it up there and you’ll head off to your vote. Congresswoman, thank you.

REP. CHENEY: You too.

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