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Washington – Congresswoman Liz Cheney led a press conference Tuesday afternoon to combat the Democrats’ attempt to impede Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney:
Thank you for being here. We are here today because we have got serious concerns about both H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112. Two of the bills that the Democrats are putting on the floor of the House. They are bills they are putting on the floor under the guise of saying they are going to address issues related to gun violence. Neither one of these bills would have done anything to stop some of the tragedies that we have seen. But what they would do is very clearly prevent law abiding citizens from having access to firearms. What these bills would do, frankly, is create a situation where the exchange of weapons, being able to lend your weapons, private firearms sales, would not be allowed and then you would see this is the first step towards the creation of some sort of federal gun registry, even though the bill says they won’t be doing that. We would see as these bills were to pass and become law, a situation that couldn’t be enforced, ultimately without a federal gun registry. We believe it’s very important we do everything possible to keep weapons away from criminals, to make sure the laws are enforced, but we won’t be part of something that prevents law abiding citizens from having access to firearms, from having access to weapons they need to protect themselves. We have with us here today a number of American citizens who have been the victim of violent crimes and for whom access to a firearm and restrictions on access to firearms are the kinds of things that have clearly put them in danger. We do not want to be party to something that’s going to leave people unable to protect themselves.

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