Washington – Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney gave a speech on the House floor Monday evening to call out the Democrats’ far left radical positions threatening the security of our nation.

“I rise today because every American should know that we are now at the point where the Democrats are demanding that ICE release dangerous criminals on to the streets on the United States. First they demanded we not build a wall. Their leader said that would be immoral. They are demanding we release dangerous criminals we have already apprehended and Mr. Speaker they are threatening to shut the government down – they are so committed to this position. Most Americans know their governments most sacred obligation is the defense of the nation. The Democrats want to abolish one of the very agencies tasked with this responsibility. This is a backdoor effort to do so. Under this latest proposal, ICE has said they could be required to release as many as 15,000 criminals onto our streets. The far left radical positions of today’s Democrats are threatening the security of our nation. It’s time to build the wall and secure our borders, support out law enforcement, and keep dangerous criminals off our streets.”