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Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Liz Cheney joined “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Wednesday morning to discuss a number of issues, including the threat posed by Democrats’ recent attacks on free enterprise in Wyoming and throughout the West.

HEWITT: You know, I have always stressed regulatory reform, but it’s especially important in extraction states…I don’t know if you read C.J. Box books.

CHENEY: I do. I’m a big fan of C.J.’s.

HEWITT: His new Wolf Pack in the reader’s edition is sitting here, the review copy. And I can’t wait to read it, because he always takes you to Wyoming. And you realize the government gets in the way in the West more than it gets in the way in the East. It really does destroy opportunity in a lot of places in the West.

CHENEY: It’s just tremendous. I mean, it really, you know, when you think about it, and this is something that I think particularly for us in the Republican Conference, the Republican officeholders now, you know, the notion of how important free enterprise is, how important it is for people to be able to run and manage their own resources and their own lives, that is under attack and under assault not just from the freshmen who’ve come in on the Democratic side of the House, but you know, look at the people that are running for president for the Democrats. We really, we’re in a place where we have to, believe it or not, defend against socialism. And it’s going to be big task, but you know, explaining to people how crucially important it is that we don’t strip power away from the people and vest it back in the federal government again is a big part of what we’ve got to do.

HEWITT: I call it the freedom agenda, and I think you are the perfect spokesperson for the freedom agenda. And we have to persuade people of the freedom agenda, or we will lose it. I mean, it’s that simple.


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