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 Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Liz Cheney voted in favor of the Farm Bill that will ensure our Nations’ ranchers and farmers are protected, strengthened work requirements for food stamps, and protected Wyoming’s sugar beet growers and the hundreds of jobs they support in the state.

“I’m pleased the House Republicans passed the crucially important Farm Bill that protects and strengthens programs Wyoming’s farmers and ranchers depend on to provide food to communities across the country. This comprehensive legislation included an amendment I offered that safeguards ranchers who legally graze on federal lands from frivolous lawsuits that force ranchers off their allotments leaving them no choice other than to sell their livestock at fire sale prices. I also voted last month to defeat an amendment that would have devastated Wyoming’s sugarbeet industry.  

The Farm Bill also strengthens and improves the preexisting work requirements for work-capable adults without dependents to receive food stamps. The goal of the food stamp program should be to give struggling folks a hand up and help them move out of poverty, this bill does that.

Wyoming greatly relies on the Farm Bill and I’m proud to have voted in support of this legislation.”

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