Washington, D.C. ā€“ Congresswoman Liz Cheney voted in favor of the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act that passed on the House floor Thursday.

ā€œI proudly voted for the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which passed the House today. The NDAA authorizes funding at levels that are critical to restoring readiness, replacing aging equipment and weapons and developing the next generation of military technology. The bill also contains a necessary and well-deserved pay raise, the largest in almost a decade, for our men and women in uniform who courageously serve to protect us.

I was proud to support and champion several provisions in the NDAA that are vital to the ongoing nuclear deterrence mission at F.E. Warren. Specifically, the bill includes a section I requested prohibiting the number of deployed ICBMs from falling below the current level of 400 missiles. The bill also increases funding for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent. The additional funds will allow for the acceleration of this critical program to replace the expertly maintained but aging Minuteman III missiles. In addition, Iā€™m pleased I was able to include several provisions in the final bill that prevent ongoing efforts by the Chinese to obtain information and technology critical to our national security.

We need to ensure our military readiness by making critical investments to reverse the damage that was done by the previous administration. This bill is a critical step in that direction.ā€