I support President Trump’s courageous decision to withdraw from the dangerous Iranian nuclear deal. Rather than prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon, the Obama Iran deal paved the way for such a weapon. It failed to include anywhere/anytime inspections. It failed to allow any inspections of Iranian military facilities. It failed to include a complete declaration of Iran’s past nuclear activities. It allowed Iran to continue to enrich uranium. It allowed Iran to continue its ballistic missile program. The deal was one of the most dangerous agreements the United States has ever entered into and President Trump was right to withdraw and announce the reimposition of sanctions on the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.

I also welcome President Trump’s rescissions package proposal to eliminate more than $15 billion in unused funding. President Trump’s decision to cut back these federal funds, many of which come from outdated and expired Obama-era stimulus programs, is the largest single proposed spending rescission in U.S. history and I’m pleased this administration understands how crucial it is that we reign in government spending. While we must support critical and needed investments in our national defense, I agree with President Trump that we must drastically reduce the wasteful spending in these other programs and restore fiscal responsibility in Washington. I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to pass these proposed cuts and ensure unnecessary and wasteful spending is stopped.

Natural Resources Committee

The Natural Resources Committee held a markup on Tuesday to consider several bills including legislation that I cosponsor, the Modernizing the Pittman-Robertson Fund for Tomorrow’s Needs Act of 2017. This bill amends the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act to include financial and technical assistance to states to promote hunting and recreational shooting. We also held markups on a bill that reauthorizes the Hydrographic Services Improvement Amendments Act, the Camp Nelson Heritage National Monument Act to designate a monument in Kentucky and the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Act to establish the area in Washington.

Rules Committee

This week the Rules Committee held a hearing on several bills that were passed on the House floor. We held a hearing on Citizens Right to Know Act of 2017, a bill that requires state and local governments that receive grant funds from the Department of Justice to disclose how the money is spent. The Committee also held a hearing on the Standard Merger and Acquisitions Reviews Through Equal Rules Act that ensures the Federal Trade Commission abides by the Clayton Act when dealing with mergers and the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2018 to safely and effectively consolidate nuclear waste in the U.S.

Armed Services Committee

The House Armed Services Committee held a full committee markup on National Defense Authorization Act for 2019 on Wednesday. Congress has no higher obligation or responsibility than to provide the resources necessary for our men and women in uniform to defend the nation and this process ensures we are able to adequately do so. I added several amendments and provisions to this year’s NDAA including language to ensure the missile leg of our nuclear deterrent remains strong by ensuring we continue to have an adequate number of deployed missiles and expediting development of the GBSD program. I included several amendments requiring the Defense Department to report on the impact of the INF Treaty on our development of advanced weapons systems including hypersonic weapons; strengthening protections against the threat posed by Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE by ensuring telecom companies are briefed on the threat; and preventing efforts by the Chinese government to use investments in and influence over private sector companies to obtain access to critical proprietary, controlled, and classified information.


It was a pleasure to meet with Chris Dickey and Deanne Buck from the American Alpine Club and Access Fund to discuss outdoor recreation and public land policy.

Thank you to University of Wyoming Professor Dilpuneet Aidhy and South Dakota School of Mines Professor Steve Smith from the Materials Research Society for meeting with me to talk about important issues such as research funding and the Department of Defense.

I want to thank Cheyenne’s Mary Roehr from Charter Communications for meeting with me this week. It was a pleasure to discuss crucial issues to Wyoming such as rural broadband and net neutrality.

I had a wonderful meeting with Casper’s Hana Rogers and baby Silas from Zero to Three, a non-profit that strives to improve the lives of infants.

Thank you to WWCC Director of Library Services Janice Grover-Roosa and Wyoming State Librarian Jamie Markus for meeting with me this week.

It was a pleasure meeting with Wyoming Hospital Association President Eric Boley, CEO of South Lincoln Medical Center Karl Sundberg, and CEO of Ivinson Memorial Hospital Doug Faus to discuss regulatory relief and burdensome reporting requirements for hospitals.


I enjoyed being on my friend Dana Perino’s show to discuss President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Deal, next steps to deal with North Korea’s nuclear weapons, the Farm Bill, and Gina Haspel’s nomination to be CIA Director:

“Republican congresswoman from Wyoming congresswoman weighs in on denuclearization efforts on the Korean peninsula, President Trump’s decision to pull out of Iran deal.”

Watch here