Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Liz Cheney questioned Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke during an oversight hearing on the policy priorities at the Department of the Interior and the Administration’s fiscal year 2019 budget proposal.

“Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke testified before the House Natural Resources Committee today. I was pleased to have the chance to discuss the tremendous progress the Trump Administration has made in reducing the massive regulatory overreach of the Obama years.  I also had the opportunity to raise several additional issues that are crucial to continuing the positive policy progress for Wyoming.  As we have developed new revolutionary technology that allows us to access oil and gas resources that were previously out of reach, we haven’t had the same advances in the permitting process. We need a new approach from BLM permitting, particularly when it comes to split-estate issues where the land is privately held, but the minerals that are being accessed are owned by the federal government. We also need relief from Obama-era concerning tribal consultations and viewshed issues.  Finally, I raised concerns our local stakeholders have regarding water levels in the Big Horn Lake and ensuring the Bureau of Reclamation is making water determinations based on their rules in a balanced manner.  The Big Horn Lake provides crucial economic resources and wildlife habitat for communities in northern Wyoming.  Insufficient lake water levels can do serious damage to these communities.  I welcome Secretary Zinke’s commitment to working together to resolve these critical issues for Wyoming.” 

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