Washington D.C. – Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s Statement on Democrats in the Senate blocking House legislation to fund the government; and her cosponsorship of Representative McNally’s bill that ensures the troops, DHS, law enforcement, and national security employees receive paychecks during the government shut down.

“Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi had the option to fund our men and women in uniform, our government, and crucial programs like the CHIP program, but chose to shut down the government and hold our troops hostage over illegal immigrants instead. The House passed legislation to avoid a government shutdown but the Senate Democrats are once again playing politics with our military funding and increasing the risk to our troops when the United States is facing grave and growing threats from overseas.

In response to the Democrats’ actions, I’ve cosponsored Rep. McSally’s bill, the Protecting America and American Workers Act, to secure paychecks for military personnel inside the Department of Homeland Security, the troops, and federal law enforcement officers. Additionally, the legislation would prevent members of Congress from receiving their paychecks during a government shut down.

I’ve also sent a letter to Chief Administration Officer, Mr. Phil Kiko to request that my paycheck is withheld until an appropriations agreement has taken effect.

We hope the Democrats will realize the damage they are doing by shutting down our government and pass the necessary legislation to ensure our men and women in uniform get the funding they need.  It’s shameful that the Democrats would pursue these actions that are imposing real damage on the men and women who keep us safe.”

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