Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s (WY-AL) statement on President Trump signing the bipartisan FY18 National Defense Authorization Act.

“I’m proud President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act today that authorizes badly needed resources for our troops, including a long overdue and well-deserved pay raise. Congress has no higher responsibility than to provide the funding necessary for the men and women in uniform who defend our nation. I was honored to serve as a conferee on the NDAA Conference Committee. I was also pleased the final bill included amendments I added that are beneficial to Wyoming and the maintenance of a strong nuclear triad, including an amendment that ensures our current fleet of deployed Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles remains at or above 400.  The NDAA is an important first step in towards rebuilding our military and reversing the damage done over the past eight years. Now both the House and Senate should move forward to provide the appropriations consistent with the NDAA. I applaud President Trump’s commitment to protecting and supporting our military.”