For Immediate Release:

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Liz Cheney (WY-AL) spoke in support of H.R. 2936, the Resilient Federal Forest Act on the House floor this Wednesday. The following is Rep. Cheney’s statement:

“I rise in support, Mr. Speaker, for the rule in consideration of H.R. 2936, the Resilient Federal Forest Act, a bill that will help address the wildfire crisis plaguing our nation as well as begin the very important process of restoring the health of our forests. As you know, Mr. Speaker, this has been one of the largest wildfire years in our nation’s history. We have seen livelihoods across the west threatened and the lives of our brave firefighters put in harm’s way. These fires are deadly and tragically more than 40 people lost their lives when fast-moving wildfires swept through Northern California just a few weeks ago. Mr. Speaker, we have particularly felt the effects in my state of Wyoming, where we find ourselves in an absolutely indefensible situation. Fires are being caused and worsened by federal mismanagement. Eight years of federal policy opposing proven methods of forest management, and instead focusing on efforts to prevent all human use of our forests, have done significant damage. And this damage is not just to the forests that we have had to watch burn, Mr. Speaker. We have also seen tremendous damage to our water in post-fire situations where the water is contaminated with ash, significant damage to wildlife habitat, the health of our forest, to property, and most importantly, Mr. Speaker, to human life. Under the bad policies and the mismanagement from the federal government, we have seen our forests become overgrown, accumulating unsafe levels of biofuels that have become an absolute tinderbox for these fires. We must take action now. This bill, as my colleagues pointed out, is a bipartisan effort to begin to take steps we know will help reduce hazardous fuels and improve management of our forests. We must also act, Mr. Speaker, as a Congress to fix the fire borrowing issue. The Resilient Federal Forest Act takes a significant step towards ending the practice of fire borrowing and simplifies the process for implementing proper, effective, forest management strategies. Mr. Speaker, I urge, therefore, the adoption of the rule and the underlying bill.”