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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            Contact:   Nikki Brunner

March 15, 2017                                                                         Phone:    (307) 739-9507

                                                                                                               Irene Parsons

                                                                                                               (307) 362-5012

                                                                                                               Karmen Rossi

                                                                                                               (307) 772-2595


Field Representatives for Senator Mike Enzi, Senator John Barrasso and Congressman Liz Cheney will be available in Lincoln County on Thursday, March 23, 2017.

Nikki Brunner of Senator Enzi’s office, Irene Parsons of Senator Barrasso’s office and Karmen Rossi of Congressman Cheney’s office will be at the following location:

Star Valley Ranch

171 Vista Drive, Star Valley Ranch, WY

Thursday, March 23, from 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM

Area residents can stop in and visit with Brunner, Parsons and Rossi to share questions and concerns regarding the federal government.  Those questions and concerns will be relayed to Senator Enzi, Senator Barrasso and Congressman Cheney.

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